Cockpit Apps Launches New Fuel Tankering App

iFUEL_Avatar_v_2Cockpit Apps, maker of the flight log app iLOG, announces the launch of iFUEL, an app that allows pilots to determine when to tanker fuel using an iPhone or iPad.

The app, available through iTunes, takes into account fuel prices at each destination, burn rate for the specific aircraft and ramp fees. It also takes into consideration the possibility of waiving a ramp fee if a certain amount of fuel is purchased. Other calculation factors include taxi fuel burn and reserve fuel requirements.

After the parameters are entered, pilots can definitively determine actual fuel costs and how much money can be saved by tankering. Operators can expect to save several thousand dollars a year by using the app, the company says.

The iFuel app costs $39.99.

For more information, visit, or call 773/570-0166.

Garmin Offers GTN 750 Trainer App for iPad

Garmin has introduced a new trainer app for the iPad2. This app, downloadable from the iTunes store, simulates the behavior of the GTN 750 GPS/nav/com system interface and provides pilots with a safe way to learn the basic operation of the system on the ground.

Pilots may interact with the system as they would in the cockpit, and the app provides a good way for those who may be interested in purchasing the system to try it out. Continue reading "Garmin Offers GTN 750 Trainer App for iPad"