Zenith CH 750 Now Available as Factory-Assembled LSA

Zenith Aircraft Company's STOL CH 750 can now be purchased already assembled from Tenn-Air of Shelbyville, Tennessee. Pete Krotje, head of Jabiru USA, announced that Tennessee Aircraft Development , LLC has licensed the design rights from Zenair Ltd. to produce the two-seat, all-metal, high-wing CH 750 as a factory-assembled Light Sport Aircraft. The assembled airplane, powered by 120-hp, six-cylinder Jabiru 3300 engine, is being offered at an introductory price of $74,900. Continue reading "Zenith CH 750 Now Available as Factory-Assembled LSA"

Timothy Finley's Zenith 601XLB

I began construction of N949TF, my Jabiru powered 601XLB at the Zenith Factory on June 19, 2008. The build was completed by October 31, 2010. The FAA held up my airworthiness inspection until February 5, 2011. Tango Fox flew for the first time early on the morning of February 11, 2011, from St. Louis Downtown Airport (KCPS) with no real surprises. I want to thank my wife Jennifer, my biggest supporter in this endeavor along with construction advisor Gale Derosier, flight advisor Bill Jagust, ABDAR Frank Baldwin and Joe Norris and many others with the EAA who assisted and supported me with difficulties with the FAA. I never imagined when I began this project that I would gain such a wonderful new family as I have found in the EAA and other parts of the aviation community. The group photo was taken at the Zenith fall open hangar day, 2011 in Mexico, Missouri.

Location: Marthasville, Missouri

e-mail address: tfinley@semke.com

Rob Pavan's Jabiru "j258"

I just finished a Jabiru j250 with the 5100 8cyl engine, hence  "j258." So far I'm very happy with the airplane. It seems to climb best at 90 knots getting just over 1500ft/min. Once up, it will fly 130 knots TAS at 2600RPM with a fuel burn of 28 l/hr. I still have to finish the wheel pants and fit them. To keep the weight down i used a SkyView 10" glass panel of only 3 lb plus the radio.

Location: Queensland, Australia

e-mail address: rob27954@hotmail.com

Phil Owens' CH-801

Completed after a long journey of ten years. I still need to finish the paint, but she flies great! The engine is #5 off the Jabiru 5100 8cyl 180HP line and sports a custom 3-blade Catto prop, just over 800# thrust on a plane with an empty weight of 1240. She just jumps off the ground! Photos are of her first flight; what a blast!

Location: Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport

e-mail address: powens@tds.net

MySky MS-1, an LSA with a Kit In Its Future?

The cockpit of the production MySky airplanes is made to feel like a luxury fighter jet.

The MySky MS-1 prototype is a clean sheet design that emphasizes the "sport" in Light Sport Aircraft. "We really wanted a little military fighter in the design and maneuverability of the tandem-seat MySky," said Captain Timothy Plunkett, vice president of MySky Aircraft, Inc., based in Port Orange, Florida.

"We stuck to the ASTM and built this LSA with a Jabiru 3300 engine right to spec, using some old-school design tactics, including a wingtip based on the Horner NACA shape from the 1930s," Plunkett said. "It worked, giving us a sweet flying airplane with nimble characteristics that stalls right at 45 knots." Continue reading "MySky MS-1, an LSA with a Kit In Its Future?"