Belite WoW Model

Belite extolled the features of its latest WoW (Wonder of Wonders) Plane (so named because of its paint scheme) at a press conference on Wednesday March 28 at SNF. The plane represents the prototype for a possible ASTM compliant single seater, and the company is flying the airplane under FAR Part 103, which allows operation without a medical. Continue reading "Belite WoW Model"

Belite Discounts Continue After Oshkosh

Among the special offers that Belite Aircraft continues to promote after AirVenture are the following: $2000 off a new ready to fly aircraft, including the aluminum fuselage design. Prices start at $16,500 ($14,500 with the show special). A deposit of $2500 is required.

Kits, both aluminum and steel, start at $6800, and the show special is $500 off. A $1000 deposit required. Continue reading "Belite Discounts Continue After Oshkosh"

Belite Fuel Line Water Detector Debuts

A new, patent-pending technology developed by Belite Enterprises capable of detecting water in the fuel tank or fuel line was introduced Tuesday at AirVenture. We are able to demonstrate this technology so people can see how it is integrated into the aircraft and how it will improve safety, said James Wiebe, president and CEO of Belite Enterprises LLC, a manufacturer of in flight technology, ultralight aircraft design and extremely lightweight digital avionics. Continue reading "Belite Fuel Line Water Detector Debuts"