Editor’s Report from SnF – Day 3 – Tuesday, April 23

Just Aircraft SuperSTOL Stretch XL
Just Aircraft SuperSTOL Stretch XL (Photo: Just Aircraft)

Day 3 of the annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-in dawned with ominous dark clouds on the western horizon. Kitplanes got in a couple of quick flights in the new Just Aircraft SuperSTOL XL - a stretched SuperSTOL with a 180 HP UL Power engine - before raindrops hit the field and slowed things down for the morning. Showers continued on and off until early afternoon, slowing additional arrivals, but stopped in time for the opening of the afternoon airshow. Continue reading "Editor’s Report from SnF – Day 3 – Tuesday, April 23"

Just Aircraft Offers Spoilers Kit for the SuperSTOL

Just Aircraft SuperSTOL

Just Aircraft has announced plans to provide optional instructions and materials for installing spoilers on new SuperSTOL kits. The addition of spoilers significantly enhances slow flight control, especially in undesirable wind conditions. They represent the latest step in advancing the short takeoff and landing capabilities of the SuperSTOL.

Just Aircraft SuperSTOL
The SuperSTOL is now being offered with an optional spoilers kit to improve control at slow speeds.

Troy Woodland, who designed and flight tested the spoilers, said: “once a pilot discovers the advantage of spoilers in slow flight and turbulent air, he won’t want to fly without them. They go a long way toward taking the rock and roll out of rough air on final, and they open up a lot of new areas for landings.”

The kits, which connect the spoilers to the ailerons, take about 40 hours to install. They can be mounted at the factory for an additional charge. Designed to deploy with the ailerons, the spoilers will rise on the right wing when the pilot moves the stick to the right. Since stick movements at cruise speed are minimal, the spoilers have little effect, but in slow speed operations, when the stick movements are greater, the spoilers will reach maximum deployment and effectiveness.

Just Aircraft SuperSTOL

The SuperSTOL wing features slats that extend in slow flight, vortex generators, and fowler flaps all of which are designed to allow the aircraft to fly at a very high angle of attack without stalling. That in turn, allows a touchdown speed in the low 20s in calm conditions.

Optional spoiler kits, which are available only for the SuperSTOL, are priced at $1,000. With factory installation, the price is $2,500. For more information visit JustAircraft.com.

Wes Whitley's Just Aircraft Highlander

It took a while, but it was worth it. My "retirement project" took 7-1/2 yrs to finish because of being called back to work. This stock Highlander flew for the first time January 2013, and it is such a fun airplane to fly, I have to force myself to put it back in the hangar. The airplane loves turf and hates concrete.

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