Stole it!


We're spending a few days in the Idaho back country, and stopped by the Kitfox headquarters in Homedale before heading in to the mountains. Saw the big, bad STi sitting there with a new engine (Las time we saw it, the nose was sporting a Lyclone), and we just had to try it. Liked it so much that we stole it for a few days and will pop around to the wilderness strips while Louise takes our Tundra. Continue reading "Stole it!"

Kyle's Ride

You never know what you'll run in to when you get to a major airshow early, but there is no doubt that if you poke around a bit, you'll find something interesting. The Sunday before Sun 'n Fun, we ran in to John McBean, principal of Kitfox Aircraft. John had flown into Lakeland in a plane that debuted at last year's AirVenture - the Kitfox Speedster. Flown last season by Kyle Franklin in airshows across the country, it is starting this season with the same pilot here in Lakeland - and because Kyle had not yet shown up, and the Sunday traffic was light, we talked John into letting us steal his ride for a turn around the patch. Continue reading "Kyle's Ride"

Dave Armando's Kitfox Speedster Model V

Dave Armando Kitfox Speedster Model V

After 6 years of building my 2001 Kitfox Speedster Model V was flown. Equipped with a Jabiru 3300 120 hp 6 cylinder, swinging an IVO medium constant speed prop, my own designed smoke system, Grove gear, Maule tail wheel, removable wing tips with a fishing pole locker inside, Super Bee lithium battery for weight reduction, and Cherry wood Instrument panel with the typical gauges plus a G meter. Continue reading "Dave Armando's Kitfox Speedster Model V"

Kitfox Aircraft Introduces New 2017 Speedster

Kitfox Aircraft has decided that it is time to create the future by looking at Past success. The year was 1992, and Kitfox arrived at AirVenture with a new and instantaneously popular design, the Kitfox Speedster. Further excitement was added to the introduction of this remarkable little plane when it was flown almost daily by the late Jimmy Franklin in a low altitude acro routine that could simply not be ignored. Continue reading "Kitfox Aircraft Introduces New 2017 Speedster"