Promise Fulfilled

Mark Voss, One Moment Racing's thermodynamicist and Andrew Findlay stop hugging long enough for a photo after their first Sport Gold victory.
Mark Voss, One Moment Racing's thermodynamicist and Andrew Findlay stop hugging long enough for a photo after their first Sport Gold victory.

Ever since Andrew Findlay appeared with his splashy graphics and youthful team full of brains and enthusiasm the only real question was when would it all come together for a Sport Gold win.

The answer was today. Continue reading "Promise Fulfilled"

Sport Close!

Header cracks are a constant with the many of the turbocharged Sport Gold front runners; here Findlay's crew refits a repaired left side header and turbo prior to today's heat race.

Things are heating up in the headlining Sport Gold class at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada. The last few years the class had plateaued behind Jeff LaVelle's reliably 400+ mph Glasair III. Sure, John Parker certainly gave it a go with his Thunder Mustang, Andrew Findlay made a big impact with his Stihl-sponsorship and depth of talent in his team while steady David Sterling was always there as the gate keeper to 370 mph or faster. Continue reading "Sport Close!"

Lancair Mako Turbo arrives at Sun 'n Fun 2018

Lancair Mako on approach
Lancair Mako on approach

Lancair's newest high-performance composite aircraft arrived in Florida this week for the annual Sun N Fun exhibition. Adding an intercooled twin-turbo Lycoming TIO-540 powerplant to the capable 4-place airframe results in a cruise speed increase of some 30 knots or more. Featuring the lowest drag, longest range and highest useful load in its class, the MAKO may be seen on display in Lancair's Sun N Fun booth #MD-23. Continue reading "Lancair Mako Turbo arrives at Sun 'n Fun 2018"

Meet the New Lancair

Lancair Legacy. Photo courtesy of Lancair.

Mark and Conrad Huffstutler, the new owners of the Lancair brand addressed a forum room full of owners and builders - along with the media - this morning, presenting their plans to renew support and produce kits for the 30 year old line of aircraft. The Huffstutlers purchased the rights and assets of the Lancair company from the previous owners and are in the process of moving al of the inventory and tooling to their location in an 88,000 square foot facility in Uvalde Texas. The senior Huffstutler recently sold his precious company, Sierra Industries, an aircraft modification shop, to concentrate on the Lancair brand.

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Lancair Sold!

Lancairs in flight with the Evolution in the lead, followed by a Legacy and a IV-P. There is no doubt that these are fast and fine-looking airplanes. Photo by Steve Schulte courtesy of LOBO.

Lancair International, Inc. is announcing the sale of all of its out-of-production Assets, Lancair brand, and Kit Components support assets to new ownership based out of Uvalde, Texas.

Effective February 8, 2017, composite kit-plane pioneers Lancair International Inc. and Kit Components Inc. announces the sale of all Non-Evolution Aircraft assets to another aviation pioneer, Mark Huffstutler, founder of the Texas-based aircraft modification firm Sierra Industries and his son Conrad Huffstutler. The sale includes all assets, intellectual designs, and ongoing support business opportunities for all “out of production” Lancair aircraft kit models, including 320/360, IV, IV-P, ES and Legacy aircraft. Continue reading "Lancair Sold!"

Prop War?

Whirlwind composite prop on David Sterling’s Lancair
This Whirlwind composite on David Sterling’s Lancair is the latest go-fast prop in the Reno Sport Gold pits.

For years Hartzell has ruled the roost in Sport class racing around the pylons at Reno. Their "race prop," as it’s universally called, has been found faithfully propelling nearly every front runner Glasair and Lancair for over a decade and it’s responded well as race speeds have steadily climbed. Continue reading "Prop War?"