AeroLEDs Introduces the SunSpot 46 Landing/Recognition Light

Sunspot 46AeroLEDs has developed a larger, more powerful light that can be used for landing, recognition and taxi purposes. It only consumes 70 watts maximum in power while producing 4000 lumens. (For comparison, the GE4553 draws 250 watts and develops 3750 lumens when new.)

The larger SunSpots are available in two models, the 46 HX and 46 LX. Both lights have screw terminals that can be connected in either polarity for steady on light, and the HX has three additional wires that support a built-in pulse mode that can be set up for individual pulsing or synchronized with other lights for wig-wag. The weight (11 ounces) and dimensions (5.6 inches in diameter by 1.7 inches in depth) of the SunSpot 46 are no greater than the legacy lights they replace. As with all AeroLEDs, SunSpots have a rated life of 50,000 hours and will withstand temperatures of -67° F (-55° C) to 158° F (70° C). Both versions of the SunSpot can operate on 14VDC or 28VDC systems.

The SunSpot 46 LX sells for $650, and the 46 HX is priced at $750. At this time, they can be installed in Experimental aircraft, special use aircraft and LSAs. A PMA for certified aircraft is expected this summer.

For further information, visit, or call 208/850-3294.

New LED Position/Anti-Collision Light

orienWhelen Engineering introduces the new ORION600 series of FAA/TSO-approved LED aviation lighting. Incorporating the latest LED technology, the ORION600 eliminates the need for external flasher boxes. It is flush mountable for a wide variety of applications with minimal integration, and it is retrofittable to the Whelen legacy strobe products.

Other features of the ORION600:
• Fully FAA/TSO-C96a and TSO-C30c approved
• FAR SPEC certified
• Replaceable hard-coated polycarbonate lens to maintain maximum light output
• No RF emissions
• Exceeds FAA minimum intensity requirements for maximum visibility and increased safety

The MSRP is $1,050 for one ship set, which contains one left wingtip light and one right wingtip light.

For more information, visit, or call 860/526-9504.

AeroLEDs Offers Upgraded Landing/Taxi/Recognition Light

AeroLEDs has introduced an upgraded version of its AeroSun for use in Experimental Aircraft and Light Sport Aircraft. It is designed for wing mounting in aluminum and composite aircraft and has built-in wig-wag and pulsing modes in addition to its standard steady beam.

Each AeroSun uses one-fourth the power of an equivalent 100-watt halogen bulb while producing an equal amount of light, the company says. The LED has a life of 50,000 hours, meaning it can be on at all times and will not have to be replaced. Continue reading "AeroLEDs Offers Upgraded Landing/Taxi/Recognition Light"

New Sunbeam Landing/Taxi/Recognition Light

AeroLEDs has completed testing on its new Sunbeam landing/taxi/recognition light, which features two intense light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Featuring a 50,000-hour life, the Sunbeams are produced in a rectangular format to fit Light Sport and Experimental aircraft.

The Sunbeam requires 25 watts of power to produce over 100 watts or 60,000 candela, which amounts to 1600+ lumens. Featuring wig-wag capability, the AeroLEDs can be seen in hazy daylight long before people can make out the airframe, the company says. Individual lights have a built in pulsing capability that is nearly as effective as the wig-wagging.

Like all AeroLEDs products, the Sunbeam is completely sealed. It is protected against overheating with a built-in protection circuit and is also secured against lightning, voltage spikes, reverse voltage and under-voltage conditions. The Sunbeam is 2.8 inches high, 4.03 inches wide and 1.36 inches deep. It sells for $499.

For more information, visit, or call 208/850-3294.