Up to Date?

lycoming-mandatory-serviceIf you own a Lycoming Engine, you probably think of it as a piece of tried and true technology that has been around for so long there is not much anyone can discover that is new. And... you'd be wrong!

Since I attended the factory service school last winter, I have been subscribed to their update service for Service Bulletins, Letters, and Notes – and I have been amazed at the volume of material I receive on a monthly basis.  For those who think that Lycoming is just producing the same old engines and parts over and over, with little going on in the realm of engineering, the surprise is that they are spending a lot of time on upgrades and customer support. Continue reading "Up to Date?"

Lycoming Engines Announces AirVenture Activities

New Lycoming engines awaiting testing

Attendees at AirVenture can participate in a variety of activities when they visit Lycoming throughout the week. Here are the times and locations for various events.

Lycoming Factory Tour

Since not all AirVenture attendees can visit Lycoming's factory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the Lycoming booth will feature an interactive, self-guided tour of the Lycoming factory. The tour offers aviation enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about the manufacturing processes and innovation that takes place at the factory to produce genuine Lycoming aircraft engines and parts. Continue reading "Lycoming Engines Announces AirVenture Activities"

Lycoming-Powered Lancair Evolution Visits Williamsport, PA

Evolution Side View

Lycoming Engines hosted Kevin Eldredge, Director of Business Development for Lancair International, Inc., last week in Williamsport, PA. Eldredge flew Lancair's first customer-delivered Piston Evolution, powered by a Lycoming Integrated Electronic Engine (iE2), into Williamsport for Lycoming to perform engine calibrations and for Lancair to host East Coast test flights.

For more information on the Lancair Piston Evolution visit www.evolutionaircraft.com.  For more information on Lycoming’s iE2 engine technology visit www.lycoming.com.