Lycoming Going Strong

Mike Kraft of Lycoming Engines appeared at a press conference Monday at AirVenture, and said he sees signs of a recovery in the aviation market.

We are coming out of the recession in good shape, Kraft said. At present there are more than 100 Lycoming service centers in the U.S. and worldwide, which means support will be there when products such as the 233 series and IE2 engines need maintenance. “The support base has to be ahead of the product release,” Kraft said.

General focus this year has been on the four-cylinder engines, and an IO-233-equipped Kitfox Super Sport is on display at the Lycoming tent. Kraft said the company is working with a number of OEMs and there are more to come. Presently, Renegade, Tecnam, Kitfox, American Legend and Brumby of Australia have OEM agreements with the company. Continue reading "Lycoming Going Strong"

Kitfox and Lycoming Team up on O-233-Powered S7 Super Sport

The Kitfox S7 Super Sport, now in flight and gathering test and performance data, features the new Lycoming 115-horsepower O-233 with a Champion electronic ignition system. Kitfox is one of the first kit aircraft manufacturers to fly the new O-233 powerplant.

"We did not want to release information until we were sure we were ready," said John McBean of Kitfox Aircraft. "We are excited to be one of the first flying with this new Lycoming technology, and we look forward to showing the Kitfox S7 Super Sport at Oshkosh."

During Oshkosh AirVenture, Kitfox will show the S7 Super Sport at the Lycoming display (the big red tents) at Booths 277 to 282. Kitfox Aircraft will be in the North Aircraft display at Booths 634 and 635.

For more information, call 208/337-5111 or visit

Superior Adds to Availability of Millennium Cylinders

Superior's parallel-valve Lycoming cylinder.

Cylinder assemblies for the Lycoming 360/540 series and Continental 520 series are now being shipped by Superior Air Parts. This marks the "next phase of product reintroduction," according to the company.

"This is very exciting for everyone who has been involved with bringing the popular family of Millennium Cylinders back into production," says Timothy T. Archer, CEO, Superior Air Parts. “Everywhere I’ve gone, the first question everyone has asked has been when would the Millenniums be available? Well, I can very happily say they’re available at your Superior dealer today.”

Continue reading "Superior Adds to Availability of Millennium Cylinders"

Lycoming Wins Shingo Prize

Mike Kraft accepts the Shingo Prize on behalf of Lycoming.

Lycoming Engines has been awarded the prestigious Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, making it one of only two companies to achieve the honor at the business-wide enterprise level.

Dubbed the Nobel Prize for manufacturing by Business Week magazine, The Shingo Prize is awarded annually by the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University to companies around the globe that achieve world-class operational excellence. The prize was established in 1988 and named in honor of Dr. Shigeo Shingo, the legendary engineer who created many of the Toyota production system’s processes. Continue reading "Lycoming Wins Shingo Prize"

ECI Has 70+ New Parts for O-540 Engines

Engine builders looking for cost-effective components for newly constructed engines or overhauls have some additional options thanks to Engine Components, Inc. The San Antonio, Texas-based company has introduced a new idler gear assembly for the O-540 series engines, further expanding its catalog of items for the six-cylinder engines.

This new gear, which carries an FAA-PMA (parts manufacturer approval) stamp, joins the wide range of components for the 540 series. It is among the more than 70 new part numbers, and one of more than 360 components the company makes for this engine family.

For more information, visit ECI's website.

Lycoming Discusses Development of IE2 and Availability of the IO-233 LSA Engine

Lancair's Piston Evolution features Lycoming's IE2 FADEC.

Lycoming General Manager, Michael Kraft, announced yesterday that development of the IE2 FADEC system has reached the point where Lancair, which is the first customer for the TEO-540, 350-horsepower engine, can begin taking orders for the firewall-forward package. According to Lancair personnel, the engine/FADEC package price is $115,000, plus, of course, the rest of the Evolution kit. Continue reading "Lycoming Discusses Development of IE2 and Availability of the IO-233 LSA Engine"