DAM windshield cleaner

One of my earliest "jobs" in aviation was as an unpaid (but compensated with experience and flight time) line-boy/hangar rat. I'm sure that was the first time I washed an airplane windshield, and I used whatever goop in a bottle was thrown at me by the FBO owner. In the many decades since, I have probably used just about every chemical available to clean windshields and windows, including good old H2O, and I am still looking for the magic elixir that simply makes deceased bugs and other debris leap off the canopy when it is merely brought out of the cupboard. I am still waiting - but a new product from McFarlane Aviation Products comes pretty DAM close! Continue reading "DAM!"

McFarlane’s Cowl Saver Baffle Seal Receives an Upgrade

McFarlane Cowl Saver Baffle Seal

McFarlane Aviation Products released Cowl Saver several years ago. Following on the popularity of their low friction Cowl Saver seal material, McFarlane now also offers Cowl Saver with Bi-Flex Technology. Bi-Flex uses a laser engraved flex pattern to ensure an optimum combination of flexibility and stiffness for maximum cooling. The engraved pattern provides extreme flexibility at the cowl for the best seal, while the non-engraved area retains rigidity to prevent the baffle seal from blowing past the proper seal position against the cowl.

Like all Cowl Saver material, Cowl Saver with Bi-Flex Technology has 30 times less friction compared to standard silicone material, reducing the damaging effects of vibration transfer to engine cowls. The innovative material is available in three inch wide rolls (with or without attaching hardware) or as FAA-PMA pre-cut baffle seal kits for Cessna 172Q, R, and S models.

McFarlane TOOL120

New Tool Allows for Even More Customization

Cowl Saver baffle seals may be further customized before or after installation with McFarlane’s new Cowl Saver Scoring Tool. The tool uses three precision blades to score the Teflon surface of the Cowl Saver material to add flexibility just where it is needed, while maintaining rigidity elsewhere to prevent baffle seal blow by. The Scoring Tool can be used on both standard and Bi-Flex Cowl Saver material to create complex flex points for improved seal to cowl mating. The precision blades of TOOL120 allow for an exact cut depth.

For more information, visit www.mcfarlaneaviation.com or call 800-544-8594 or 785-594-2741.

McFarlane Baffle

McFarlane Introduces Experimental Aircraft Controls

McFarlane Aviation Products is now offering several controls for Experimental aircraft, including push-to-unlock, turn-to-lock, simple push-pull, and dual carburetor Rotax choke and throttle controls. They feature all-metal construction, a Teflon line, and options for length, inner wire, end configuration and knob style. Controls are available in both single and dual wire configuration, and the knobs can be personalized.

According to the company, the throttle and choke controls for 912/914 Series Rotax engines with dual carburetors can be installed cleanly, without using a splitter box. In addition to panel mount style throttle controls, McFarlane also now offers a quadrant-style throttle and both a locking (turn-to-lock) and non-locking choke control.

For more information, call 800/544-8594 or visit www.mcfarlaneaviation.com.