Largest Yet: Mojave Experimental Fly-In 2018

There was a little of everything on the ramp during the Mojave Experimental Fly In. Andrew Angelotti's Spingarage KR-2 sits low and white in the center of this view.

With 344 transient aircraft and 16 local operations logged by the tower, plus what might have been 100 airplanes on the ramp at any one time, the 2018 Mojave Experimental Fly-In April 21, 2018 certainly looked and felt like the most-attended MEFI in the event's six-year history. It's true that many of the aircraft arriving at Mojave were certified transportation, but they were carrying experimenters and there were still plenty of experimentals to eyeball on Mojave's ample ramp. Continue reading "Largest Yet: Mojave Experimental Fly-In 2018"

2014 Mojave Experimental Fly-In - Aviation's "Speed Week"

The 3rd annual Mojave Experimental Fly-In will be held Saturday April 19, 2014 at Mojave Air and Spaceport. MEFI is intended to encourage the design and building of high performance experimental aircraft and offer attendees the opportunity to meet the pilots and designers of these awe-inspiring machines. The fly-in is composed of three separate events: the fly-in, the records week, and an awards dinner.

Photo by Tom Wilson, taken at the 2013 Mojave Fly-in
Photo by Tom Wilson, taken at the 2013 Mojave Fly-in

Fly-in: The fly-in will be held Saturday April 19 at Mojave Air and Spaceport (KMHV), 10AM-2PM. MEFI will give participants the opportunity to interact with the designers and builders of today’s most innovative record-setting experimental aircraft.

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