MGL Avionics 2-1/4" Vega Series

MGL Avionics released its Vega Series of 2 -1/4" Singles for Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft.

The Vega range consists of twelve 2- 1/4" color display aviation instruments. Using a high-resolution backlit color graphics display, these instruments provide excellent daylight readability, even in direct sunlight. Each instrument includes a rotary control plus 2 independent keys for easy menu navigation and to access specific instrument features. The Vega range has a wide supply voltage range of 8 to 30 VDC with built in reverse- and over-voltage protection. All Vega instruments that have engine monitoring functions have the ability to interface to an MGL Avionics RDAC unit. Continue reading "MGL Avionics 2-1/4" Vega Series"

New Adventure in Avionics


Anyone that has followed my airplane projects over the years probably has figured out that I love to work with new avionics. I am always happy to install and test the latest in EFISs, radios, and engine monitors, and have the fleet of airplanes sitting in the hangar to prove it. Dynon, Garmin, GRT--I don't have an AFS EFIS, but I do have two of their AoA systems (and like their EFIS when I fly with one)! But one system I have not had a chance to really dig in to – until now – has been one of the offerings from MGL. That changes as we start building a panel for our Xenos Motorglider. Continue reading "New Adventure in Avionics"

MGL Explorer-Lite 8.5" EFIS is now available and shipping

iEFIS Explorer-Lite 8.5" Avionics Powerhouse
Built-in pitot/static, built-in moving map GPS, built-in attitude sensor


The iEFIS Lite series from MGL Avionics is revolutionizing the small airplane instrument panel. For single-screen EFIS installations in Experimentals and LSAs, the iEFIS Lite offers everything needed. 

The second 'Lite' release from MGL Avionics is the Explorer-Lite 8.5", which features a nice, bright non-reflective 8.5" touchscreen of around 1000+ nits. It looks, feels and operates just like a full iEFIS, however it does not require the additional iBox since pitot/static, GPS receiver, and attitude sensor are all built into the back of the screen. So, unless you need to connect more than 2 RS-232 devices (radio/transponder/ADS-B) to your EFIS and unless you need more than 1 screen or have complex requirements, this EFIS does it all. It has the same powerful G3 processor and runs the same firmware as a full iEFIS system and has all of the same software features - just less complexity of installation.

Price: The Explorer-Lite starts at only $2,850. Just add RDAC for engine functions and SP-6 Compass if required.

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MGL Avionics Partners with US Champion Rob Holland

MGL AvionicsMGL Avionics announced today an exclusive marketing partnership with Rob Holland Ultimate Airshows. MGL Avionics has been producing avionics for the Experimental and light-sport aircraft markets for 15 years. MGL Avionics will equip and support Rob Holland's MXS-RH aerobatic show plane for the upcoming 2015 airshow season.

"MGL Avionics is ecstatic to be partnered with four time and current US National Aerobatic Champion and innovative airshow performer Rob Holland" said Matt Liknaitzky, president of MGL Avionics USA. "Rob is pushing the limits of what an airplane can do and is constantly striving to move the sport forward. We believe that Rob's out-of-the-box thinking and innovation is a perfect match for what MGL Avionics is trying to achieve with avionics. Like any MGL Avionics iEFIS user, Rob will be able to fly with a customized display with everything that he needs to be able to operate his airplane at 'the edge' on his screen. A pilot like Rob knows what information he wants and how he wants it displayed and MGL Avionics is glad to be able to give it to him."

"I am very excited to work with MGL Avionics and showcase their amazing products" said Holland. "The flexibility, power, customization, and proven reliability of their products are second to none. They provide the information I need when flying a high-performance routine and offer excellent situational awareness and piece of mind when flying cross country show to show."

Avionics installed in Rob's MXS-RH will include: iEFIS Challenger 10.4", iBox, full AHRS, autopilot, dual MGL V6 Com radios, and a GF-1 G-meter.

The iEFIS Challenger is the flagship product designed and engineered by MGL Avionics CEO and Chief Design Engineer Rainier Lamers.

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MGL Integrates Sandia Mode-C Transponder with EFISes

MGL Avionics announced the integration of the Sandia Aerospace STX 165R Remote Mode-C transponder with the following EFISes for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft:
- MGL XTreme
- MGL Odyssey
- MGL Voyager
- MGL iEFIS Touchscreen

The STX 165R is a lightweight, low-cost, 200-watt, remote-mount Mode-C transponder. Through two data wires, the MGL EFISes are able to display transponder status, send encoded altitude to the STX 165R, control mode (OFF/STBY/ON/ALT), and adjust Squawk code and Ident.

MGL Avionics suggests this is a way of meeting the FAA transponder requirements in the U.S., where only Mode-C is required for recreational Part 91 flight. The ability to mount the transponder closer to its antenna and farther away from other avionics in the aircraft is an advantage for homebuilders trying to lay out a clean and interference-free panel.

The STX 165R retails for $1,550. It weighs 1.16 pounds and uses 200 mA of power. It measures 3.5x1.8x6.9 inches.

For more information on the XTreme EFIS, visit, or call 877/835-9464.

For more information on the Sandia STX 165R Transponder, visit, or call 505/341-2930.