Glasair Aviation Announces Sportsman Amphib Under $200K

This just in from Glasair Aviation:

Glasair Aviation expands its unique Two Weeks to Taxi Program to include an amphibious Sportsman 2+2, with limited introductory pricing of $199K.

The Sportsman 2+2 amphib has a useful load of 950 pounds and a full fuel payload of 650 pounds - more than a Cessna 182 or 185. Sea level water takeoffs at gross weight break the surface in as little as 15 seconds; the 42 knot stall speed ensures smooth splashdowns; and with a cruise speed of 110 knots, range is 600 miles. All of this performance is achieved with an economical 4 cylinder Lycoming engine. “If you like landing on water, the amphib Sportsman will impress you with its unmatched performance and value,” said Mikael Via, President of Glasair Aviation. Continue reading "Glasair Aviation Announces Sportsman Amphib Under $200K"