Look Ma - No Wings!

Something changed radically in the shop this past week - a milestone came and passed - and so did those huge long wings for the Xenos! Notice the workbench? No wings! With the help of a lot of airpark neighbors, we had a marathon month of drilling, deburring, and riveting, and the long motor glider wings are now tucked safely in their racks, awaiting installation in the fuselage - which now comes back to center stage as we pull out the drawings and figure out where we left off. Continue reading "Look Ma - No Wings!"

One Down - One to Go!

Xenos wing

All has not been quiet in ye 'olde aeroplane factory since we got back from AirVenture. With another kit coming in late September, and the shop fully up and running, it was time to get moving on the wings for the Xenos, and the result is now a finished left lifting surface, with the right framework ready to go on the workbench to get its skin in the next couple of weeks! No, we have no intention of finishing up the motor glider before the little jet arrives, but it would be nice to have the majority of the metal work done so that it's "just" a matter of systems work and over-all integration. You know -the last 90% or so... Continue reading "One Down - One to Go!"

A Whole 'lotta Ribs!


Yup - that's a lot of ribs for one wing, isn't it? Finally, after a long delay building a new shop, we got back to work on our Xenos Motorglider project. Sitting behind me as I took this picture was our RV-3, noteworthy because it has just about the same wingspan tip-to-tip as this single wing for the Xenos. Like I said - a lot of ribs! Continue reading "A Whole 'lotta Ribs!"

More Soaring

Chad Sanders and his jet-powered glider
Chad Sanders

Meet Chad Sanders - Chad took an inexpensive (and ubiquitous) Schweitzer 1-26 sailplane and built a beautiful mount for a pair turbojets - and now he has a jet-powered, self-launching sailplane that can get him from the flatlands of the California Central Valley up to the hills where he can find lift to go soaring - and then back to his home base when he's had enough fun! Continue reading "More Soaring"

Seen at Mojave

We'll admit we had to ask Scott Stearns what his eager looking taildragger was. "A KIS TR-1c," he smiled, and with far fewer than 100 kits built we don't feel so bad about not identifying it. The TR-1 series dates from the 1990's; Stearn's sports healthy IO-360 power "and is the only one with a carbon fiber wing, tail and cowling." Another standout is 80 gallons of fuel carried in front and behind the spar. Cruising at peak EGT at 12,000 ft Stearns reports a 185 kt cruise at peak EGT at 12,000 ft; flaps down stall is 55 kt.

Walking the 2017 Mojave Experimental Fly-In ramp

Pre-event publicity for the 2017 Mojave Experimental Fly-In was low-key this year, but that didn't stop a healthy crop of experimentalists to buzz in for this popular meet-and-greet gathering. Perfectly CAVU, windless weather helped as well. Continue reading "Seen at Mojave"

It Still Wants to Fly!

Moni motorglider

Sitting in the grass outside the Aeroplane Factory, the Moni Motorglider sits just waiting for John Monnett to come back back for a flight. It wants to fly so badly, they have to strap it the ground! "Motorglider?" You ask. "Those wings are only about 13 feet long - how can it be a motorglider?!"

Continue reading "It Still Wants to Fly!"