Have a bike? Need a lift?

Murphy Aircraft general manager Tyler Penner next to the Radical with a bike mount.

An innovative mount for carrying a bicycle is available for the new Murphy Radical kitplane. This is a unique under wing design option for Murphy Aircraft's two-seat, STOL bush aircraft. Murphy Aircraft is known for their line of metal skin kit bush planes featuring the Rebel, Elite, Maverick and Moose. Continue reading "Have a bike? Need a lift?"

Murphy Aircraft Plans LSA Rebel and Radical Rebel

MurphyLogo_HiRes_01bSMLEarlier this year, Darryl Murphy, owner and founder of Murphy Aircraft Mfg. announced that the company received numerous inquires for an S-LSA certified Rebel as well as E-LSA Rebel kits. "The number of inquires are too large to ignore so we have decided to take the Rebel through the S-LSA certification process. We are targeting late 2016 for E-LSA kit deliveries. Ready to fly S-LSA Rebel deliveries will depend on demand," Murphy said. Continue reading "Murphy Aircraft Plans LSA Rebel and Radical Rebel"

Geoff van Asch's Murphy Rebel

Murphy Rebel ZK-VAN family photo

Murphy Rebel ZK-VAN family photo

Murphy Rebel ZK-VAN (kit #798) flew on Saturday, October 24, 2015.  After 9 years and many, many hours she flew at Omaka, New Zealand. Powered by an Aero Sport 0320 with dual Light Speed Plasma II+ electronic ignitions, she purrs like a pussycat. The instrumentation is a 10" Dynon SkyView – mainly for the EMS system.

The first flight was made by Alister Yeoman – ZK-VAN was his sixth Rebel maiden flight. The airplane is very much part of the family - our two boys were 1 and 3 when the kit arrived, now 10 and 12 and proud as of dad’s achievement. Wife Rachael is happy and has an ever growing “to do” list around home now that the other woman is flying.

Over 10 hours flown now and having fun! Thanks to Murphy – it's a great little plane.

First flight video (and no I don't have a constant speed prop, a C-180 started doing a run up):

First landing  - landed long just in case: