Dallas Avionics Deal for Stranded Experimental NavWorx Customers

Dallas Avionics, Inc. announced a "plug and play" replacement system for your Experimental or LSA Aircraft with existing NavWorx AD affected system.

Working with uAvionix Corp., Dallas Avionics is offering the EchoUAT and SkyFyx Bundle (P/N ECHOEUAT-KL5) at a reduced price of $1090 (regularly $1499). The system bundle will come with a factory supplied "pig tail" harness/connector that will require no additional wiring making replacement system "plug and play" for those with an existing ADS600-EXP. (Those with experimental aircraft with the ADS-600B system are also included in this special but will require connector replacement). With all the capabilities of your existing system, the EchoUAT also provides Dual (978 & 1090) traffic as a dual frequency receiver. Continue reading "Dallas Avionics Deal for Stranded Experimental NavWorx Customers"

NavWorx Ceases Operations

NavWorx - an ADS-B In and Out supplier that has provided units to many homebuilders and has marketed to the certified world - announced on their web site that they have ceased operations due to problems with the performance of their GPS data source. The FAA notified NavWorx of the non-compliant GPS module earlier this year, and NavWorx customers have been waiting for a final AD that would tel them how to make their units 2020 compliant ever since. Unfortunately, it appears that the company will not be able to supply such a solution, and has closed their doors. Continue reading "NavWorx Ceases Operations"

NavWorx ADS600-EXP - Affordable ADS-B Solution and Available Now

NavWorx, Inc. announced an affordable solution for Experimental and LSA aircraft owners with the release of its ADS600-EXP. This announcement came on the heels of the FAA's ADS-B rule change in February. The FAA concluded that devices must meet the "performance requirements" of TSO-C154c.

NavWorx ADS600-EXP is a complete ADS-B solution for experimental and LSA aircraft. The ADS600-EXP communicates with a wide variety of display systems via Wi-Fi and RS232. For a limited time, NavWorx is offering the ADS600-EXP at the industry's lowest price of $869.

NavWorx ADS600-EXP ADS-B

Design of the NavWorx ADS600-EXP is based on the company's ADS600-B, a FAA TSO/STC certified unit. Both comply with the ADS-B mandates of TSO-C154c and TSO-C145c. The ADS600-EXP is a Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) and provides full ADS-B In and Out operations. Unlike 1090ES solutions, the ADS600-EXP offers all the benefits of an UAT solution. These include free broadcast weather and flight information services.

All ADS600 UAT devices come with NavWorx' patent-pending TransMonSPETM. This device easily installs on the aircraft's existing transponder coax cable to provide for single point of entry of the squawk code, ident, and Mode A/C. TransMonSPETM also provides pressure encoder data to the ADS600-series. It meets the FAA's requirement to have a Single Point of Entry for the squawk code, and satisfies the FAR that requires both the transponder and ADS-B to use the same pressure encoder. TransMonSPETM is TSO certified and will interface with older transponders eliminating any need to replace the transponder or altitude encoder.

NavWorx ADS-B solutions are also available for certified aircraft offering an affordable solution for operators with a variety of installation requirements. The company also offers pre-built harnesses and coax cables, available on its website store.

For further information, contact NavWorx, Inc. at 3706 Big A Road, Rowlett, TX 75089; call 888-628-9679; or visit www.navworx.com.

SkyVision Xtreme Releases Fully Portable ADS-B In/Out System

SkyVision Xtreme has introduced the SkyVision Portable, a fully transportable ADS-B transceiver system that includes Xtreme Vision display software.

The SkyVision Portable has a UAT transceiver and an Xtreme Vision Appliance, which transmits the Xtreme Vision display software to any Wi-Fi-capable iOS, Android, or Windows display in the cockpit. The complete system requires only three wires to be run during use, including two antennas and power to a 12/24-volt cigarette-lighter plug. All wires, antennas and equipment are stored in the case for transport.

SkyVision Portable utilizes the NavWorx ADS600-B, a Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) that meets the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B mandate for ADS-B In/Out. The ADS600-B offers pilots the opportunity to later permanently install the unit.

The package includes a suction-cup-mounted UAT antenna, a GPS antenna and a power plug. The system is bundled in a pre-wired briefcase-type enclosure, which measures 15x10x4 inches and weighs about 7 pounds with all cables, antennas and electronics. The price is $3295.

For more information, call 336/465-0564, or visit www.skyvisionxtreme.com.

NavWorx Adds Wi-Fi Support to WxBox

NavWorx, Inc. announced the addition of Wi-Fi support to its line of ADS-B receivers, enabling greater connectivity with a variety of display devices including the iPad.

Wi-Fi capability was also added to the NavWorx ADS600-B UAT. The ADS600-B delivers ADS-B/TIS-B traffic and FIS-B weather and flight information to a variety of aircraft electronic displays. It is designed to meet FAA TSO-C154c and is FCC approved. The traffic, weather and flight information is provided subscription-free as part of the nationwide ADS-B aircraft tracking network.

Both the ADS600-B and WxBox capture and display this freely broadcast information directly in the cockpit. The ADS600-B and WxBox can be installed in both Experimental and certified aircraft, when the FAA’s “portable installation guidelines” are met, the company says.

For more information, visit www.navworx.com or call 888/628-9679.