All of Us are Smarter than Any of Us

One of the best things about this job is the number of contacts I get from members of the homebuilding community - It's like being at Oshkosh every day of the year! I get information on new projects, old projects, what people are working on... and questions, like the one below. The thing is - while I pride myself on knowing a lot of aviation trivia, I also find that the more I learn, the more I learn that I still don't know. Yup - there are obscure, limited edition (or even one-off) airplanes that have escaped my notice. Many of them in fact. Continue reading "All of Us are Smarter than Any of Us"

Aviators By Design Announces "Soar Like an Eagle" Campaign

Organization to raise funds to complete student-built Zenith CH750 aircraft.

Aviators by Design

Aviators By Design, Founder and President, Jerry Graf announced today that the organization is kicking off its 2103 "Soar Like an Eagle" fundraising campaign, which will run from April 01 through May 31, 2013.

"We have made amazing progress in building the Zenith since the project began at the Homebuilder’s Hangar during Oshkosh 2012," Graf said. "Right after AirVenture, the aircraft was moved to its current home at Iola's Central County Airport (68C). Currently we have youth from five different local high schools working on the airplane."

"They meet at the airport every other Tuesday evening," he added. "We invite everyone to visit our Aviators By Design Facebook page to see the progress."

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