Sling TSi - New Four Place Cruiser

Sling TSi

Anyone who wandered through Kit Company Row at AirVenture in July probably saw the newest aircraft from The Airplane Factory - so new, in fact, that it hadn't flown yet when it arrived at the show. A four-place machine that outwardly looks a lot like the existing Sling 4, the new TSi actually shares only about 20% of the parts with the old design, with a completely new wing and sporting the Rotax 915is turbocharged engine and a constant speed prop. We were instantly struck with the concept, and got our name on the list to fly it as soon as we could. Continue reading "Sling TSi - New Four Place Cruiser"

A Building Epidemic!

Rans S-21 Outbound

No need to rush out to your doctor for the latest vaccine, unless, of course, you are living at our air park and your spouse is allergic to seeing a new airplane kit arrive! It seems that new kit starts in our neighborhood are blossoming - now doubt a follow to a successful AirVenture and economic optimism on the part of many who have been contemplating a new build. Continue reading "A Building Epidemic!"

AirVenture Whatsit?

It was this head-on view that first captured our attention in Homebuilt Camping. Thinking we might be looking at a 7/8 scale Navion we had to go take a look.

You're forgiven if you thought Homebuilt Camping at AirVenture was an RV fly-in. The Van Grunsven aluminum squad so out numbers all other designs that anything different--other than a Thorp T-18--really stands out. Continue reading "AirVenture Whatsit?"



AirVenture is long over, but we're still digging out from the information deluge the show provides. A good example is the Aerocreeper, an adjustable height design that looks perfect for those "too short to kneel, too tall to sit up" jobs under our airplanes. We saw it while running through one of the display hangars and couldn't resist a quick peek. Continue reading "Aerocreeper"