Dan Palmer's Wittman Buttercup

This is my Steve Wittman-designed Buttercup built and flown at Moriarty, New Mexico. Earl Luce plans were used for the airframe. It is powered by a Corvair 2700 engine with William Wynne components, Dan Weseman 5th bearing, with a Warp Drive prop. I used Stewart Systems fabric through top-coat.

Dan Palmer, EAA 3065
Moriarty, New Mexico

Builder Notes

Anyone who is building (or has built) a plane knows that your plans rarely remain pristine. I don't think I have ever met a builder who doesn't make notes to themselves or others on the plans and assembly instructions for anything as complicated as an airplane. It should comfort us all to know that this practice goes back to the very beginning of aviation - the Wright Brothers, in fact.


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Steve Kunkle's Plans-Built Mustang II


After 3 1/2 years of building, on June 2013 I got the FAA inspection and the end of July the test pilot took her up and all went well. I have been flying and have about 22 hours on her now.

IO-320 with Hartzell C/S prop and a Dynon Skyview with autopilot. I'm still doing a lot of testing on the plane and myself, but at 22 squared she flies at 130kt burning 7.4gph

What an airplane! Thanks to Kitplanes magazine for being a great information resource!

Location: Oley, PA

e-mail address: srkunkle@yahoo.com



Tim Delf's Sky Jeep

After 10 enjoyable years of on and off building, my plans built Zenith CH701 aircraft received its airworthiness certificate on March 10, 2011 and took to the air on March 11. It flies great! With a good used Continental O-200-A engine and a simple panel, it is a very inexpensive airplane that is really fun to fly. I would like to thank Chris Heintz for the design. With his designs, anyone with a pair of tin snips, a 4ft bending brake and the discipline to build can have an airplane. I received much help from Carl Ritter, my friend and Technical Advisor from EAA chapter 111, and from my brother Steve who helped me paint the airplane and provided an extra set of capable hands whenever needed. Thanks to my wife Barb for her love and support.

Location: Blue Grass, IA

e-mail address: delftr@aol.com