PS Engineering Advances Audio System in New PMA450A


This year at AirVenture, PS Engineering  announced an updated PMA450A, featuring a new graphics display and USB port. Based on Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) technology, the larger, enhanced screen features easy-to-read white text on black. Since the display is bigger, the USB charging port has gotten smaller and more powerful. The new USB-C standard connector is non-directional and non-gendered, which means both ends are the same, and there is no up or down. It’s very easy to connect in the cockpit. The power available also increases from 10 to 15 Watts. Continue reading "PS Engineering Advances Audio System in New PMA450A"

PS Engineering Announces Lower Cost For Experimental Market PDA360EX Audio Panel


PS Engineering has set a new price for the PDA360EX audio panel of $1,595.00, with a minimum advertised price of $1,345.00. "This is not a 'show special,' but true cost reduction for the homebuilt aircraft community in general," said Greg Ledbetter, PS Engineering spokesman. "We have enjoyed much success with the PDA360EX and its big brother the PMA450, so we are able to leverage cost saving specifically for the Experimental market to be sure that the best options are available at a competitive price." Continue reading "PS Engineering Announces Lower Cost For Experimental Market PDA360EX Audio Panel"

PS Engineering Debuts IntelliAudio

PS Engineering-PMA8000BTi


PS Engineering is announcing the new PMA8000BTi audio selector panel, a version of the very popular PMA800BT that includes IntelliAudio spatial audio technology. Shipments of these units begin February 1, 2016.

IntelliAudio is technology that PS Engineering, Inc. has licensed from and patented by the United States Air Force Laboratory. When activated, the IntelliAudio application places the Com 1 audio signals at the relative 10 o’clock position and COM 2 audio signals at 2 o’clock relative position to the flight crew. This allows the pilot to take advantage of the Multi-talker or cocktail party effect, where the brain automatically interprets and differentiates conversations at different locations for reduced listening effort and greater comprehension. Continue reading "PS Engineering Debuts IntelliAudio"

New Audio Panel from PS Engineering

The PDA360EX is a new product that fills a void in the higher end audio panel market designed exclusively for the experimental aircraft.


The PDA360EX provides access to the new technology known as IntelliAudio® while at the same time reducing the cost and optimizing operation for the homebuilder. Work on the PDA360EX began shortly after the introduction of the FAA-Approved PMA450 Audio Panel during AirVenture 2014. Continue reading "New Audio Panel from PS Engineering"