Xenos Motorglider Quick Build Kits Available


Sonex Aircraft is now offering Quick Build kits for the Xenos Motorglider. The Quick Build upgrade price for the complete Xenos airframe kit is $16,000, and it includes all the same features as Sonex, Waiex, and Onex Quick Build kits: completed fuselage with canopy installed, completed wing panels, and the wings are rigged and match-drilled to the fuselage. These Sonex Quick Build upgrade options drastically reduce build time and the level of skill required to complete the aircraft. They offer the fastest build possible within the bounds of Experimental/Amateur-Built homebuilding regulations. Continue reading "Xenos Motorglider Quick Build Kits Available"

New Zenith CH 650 Quick Build Kit

Zenith Aircraft Company has introduced a new Quick Build Kit (QBK) for its low-wing Zenith CH 650 cruiser Light Sport kit aircraft. With the QBK, the main fuselage portion of the all-metal aircraft is first assembled at the factory, resulting in reduced build time. The factory now also installs a bubble canopy and the cabin frame to make build time shorter.

The Zenith CH 650 is a second-generation Light Sport Aircraft design developed specifically for Sport Pilots. This model offers features such as a larger cabin area and new bubble canopy. Standard features include wing baggage lockers, dual welded-aluminum fuel tanks and choice of landing gear configuration (trigear or taildragger). Builders can choose from a variety of engines and firewall-forward packages.

The base price for the Zenith CH 650 QBK is $22,950, which is $4450 more than the cost of the CH 650 base kit. Zenith also sells component kits to builders, or the aircraft can be scratch-built from plans.

For more information, call 573/581-9000 or visit www.zenithair.com.

Breezer Starter Kits Ready to Ship

Breezer Aircraft USA, purveyor of the German-engineered Breezer Light Sport Aircraft, has announced it now has starter kits in stock for its quickbuild, all-aluminum, bubble-canopied ELSA.

The starter kits arrive in a beautiful riveted aluminum box, with all the parts for the tail assembly neatly packed inside, the company says. The price is $2495.

The Breezer is designed for stable, responsive handling, and is ideal for flight training or for comfortable cross-country travel, the company says. The kit features a high level of prefabrication, which allows for quick assembly of fuselage and wings. The build time is stated at 200 to 300 hours, with minimal tools needed.

For more information, call 813/474-1337 or visit http://breezeraircraftusa.com.

Upgraded Zodiac CH 601 Remains 51% Legal

This just in from Zenith Aircraft:

The FAA Kansas City Manufacturing Inspection Office has evaluated the Zenith Aircraft Company Zodiac CH601 XL aircraft kit changes, specifically the 6-ZU Upgrade Package. The MIO has notified AIR-200 that they have found no significant change compared to the original Amateur Built Fabrication and Assembly Checklist, and meets major portion requirements ("51% rule"). Continue reading "Upgraded Zodiac CH 601 Remains 51% Legal"

Two-Place Patrol Joins Bearhawk Kit Aircraft Lineup

AviPro Aircraft, Ltd. has announced the production of a two-place, tandem utility aircraft as an addition to its popular four-place Bearhawk quickbuild kit. The Bearhawk Patrol is a high-wing aircraft designed for comfort, endurance and fun.

The generous proportions of the cabin provide room for just about any size pilot, a passenger (or two, if they are small) and gear. The available visibility is outstanding both on the ground and in the air, the company says, and the Patrol’s flight controls are light and responsive at cruise and slow speeds. Low landing speeds are enhanced by the use of the 18-foot span, manually operated flaps (up to 40°). Continue reading "Two-Place Patrol Joins Bearhawk Kit Aircraft Lineup"