P85 Phase I Flight Testing Complete

P85 Prototype_01

First flight of the P85, developed by Altitude Group LLC, took place at Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe, Kansas in December, 2014 and phase I flight testing has now been completed. The P85 is a development of Altitude Group’s fixed-gear tailwheel-equipped Radial Rocket.

P85 design philosophy is centered on a very economical 400 horsepower firewall forward power plant installation utilizing high quality liquid cooled V8 engine technology.

LLC Manager Jeff Ackland states: “Combining V8 power with a very capable and proven airframe design has resulted in a new benchmark for high performance with economy of acquisition and operation.” The P85 features a rugged composite airframe designed for aerobatic flight. A spacious and comfortable cockpit accommodates pilot and copilot in tandem seating arrangement.

P85_Prototype_02The P85 is powered by an all aluminum, 402 cid, 400+ HP liquid cooled V8 engine utilizing LS engine architecture. To maximize the performance / economy equation the P85 features a fixed pitch prop (3 blade, 80inch diameter) produced by Catto Props. The fixed main landing gear design features compression springs housed in telescoping steel tubes – simple and low-maintenance.

The P85 features a one piece wing with two full length I-beam spars utilizing carbon fiber spar caps resulting in maximum strength for minimum weight. The wing incorporates restyled “swept” wingtips and a new vertical fin/rudder shape, for increased yaw stability. A Natural Laminar Flow airfoil design combined with a slotted flap system provides excellent airfoil performance throughout the speed range. Flaps are actuated electrically.

P85_Prototype_03P85 Specifications

Seating / Two, Tandem
Engine / V8, Liquid Cooled, 402 cid, 400+ Horsepower
Prop / Catto, 3 Blade, Fixed Pitch 80 In. Diam.
Wingspan / 26.8 Ft.
Length / 22.2 Ft.
Cockpit Width / 34 In. Pilot, 30 In. Copilot
Wing Area / 93.9 Sq. Ft.
Empty Weight / 1675 Lbs.
Gross Weight / 2475 Lbs.
Useful Load / 800 Lbs.
Baggage Capacity / 12 Cu. Ft.
Fuel Capacity / 65 Gals. Vmax @ 7500 ft MSL
Cruise, High Speed / 252 Mph
Cruise, Economy / 220 Mph
Range, Econ. Cruise, 30 Min. Reserve / 1000+ sm
Climb / 3200+ Fpm Solo, 2000+ Fpm Gross
Vso, Stall, Flaps Down / 70 Mph (61 Kts)
Vs1, Stall, Flaps Up / 85 Mph (74 Kts)
Vne, Never Exceed Speed / 290 mph

The P85 is available as a Streamline Airframe Kit starting at$49,950. Customized builder assist services are available up to and including a ready to fly P85.

For more information contact: Altitude Group LLC
email: jdair@sbcglobal.net
Phone 913-6348531

Flight Testing Video:



Streamline Radial Rocket Airframe Kits Available

Altitude Group LLC announced Radial Rocket Streamline Airframe Kits, which offer all of the Radial Rocket-specific airframe parts--molded composite parts, canopy and windshield, landing-gear struts, CNC and machined metal parts, the assembly manual and templates--but also allow builders to buy directly from suppliers common and over-the-counter hardware, materials and equipment previously included in the airframe kit. Builders will receive a detailed list of the materials and OTC hardware used in the airframe assembly process and sources in the kit, so these materials can be acquired as needed per the builder’s schedule (a complete list is available on the company’s web site).

Altitude Group’s Jeff Ackland sees the Streamline kit as a win-win. By acquiring common hardware and materials from vendors such as Wick’s or Aircraft Spruce, builders will save about $9000 over the previous airframe kit pricing, and the company avoids having to warehouse these parts. Further, this portion of the builder’s investment in the project can be spread out over time, instead of being incurred all at once.

In addition to Streamline Airframe Kits, a fast-build option and custom builder-assistance services are available.

For more information, call 913/634-8531 or visit www.RadialRocket.com.

Radial Rocket Sub Kits Now Available

A sub kit purchase program is now being offered by Altitude Group, LLC for the Radial Rocket TD aircraft, allowing builders to stage their projects according to their own schedule and budget. The elements of the four sub kits for the tailwheel version are the horizontal stab kit ($8935), fuselage kit ($20,980), wing kit ($29,750) and finish/final assembly kit ($14,985) for a total sub kit price of $74,650.

In addition to the standard kit and the sub kits, there is a fast-build option ($17,500) for the Radial Rocket, which has the majority of the fuselage and wing structure preassembled at the factory, saving 400 to 500 hours of build time, according to the company. Customized builder assistance is also available.

The two-seat, M-14P-powered Radial Rocket features a composite airframe designed for aerobatic flying. In addition to a fixed tailwheel landing-gear configuration, the company recently made a retractable trigear (RG) version available for pilots less experienced with conventional landing gear.

For more information and demo videos, visit www.RadialRocket.com or call 913/634-8531.