TQ-Group Introduces Avionics Product Range at AirVenture

KTX2  mode S transponder

The technology company TQ-Group, which has established a reputation as a meeting the highest quality in engineering and precision products, is debuting two of their general aviation product ranges for the EAA AirVenture audience this year. One is an ADS-B transponder in the final stages of certification and the other is a VHF Transceiver that has become very popular in Europe. Continue reading "TQ-Group Introduces Avionics Product Range at AirVenture"

AWOS Micro Tower

Ever wonder what an AWOS system looks like and where you would buy one for a small airport? The MicroTower from Potomac Aviation is a miniature, solar-powered, self-contained advanced air traffic advisory system (AATAS) for non-towered airports. It provides brief traffic and weather advisories, speaking to pilots over an airport's existing radio traffic frequency, informing pilots of the system's presence and how to use it. Continue reading "AWOS Micro Tower"

New Garmin Radios Debut in Van's RV-12


Garmin's Team-X has been quietly developing a new unit to replace their SL-40. Van's Aircraft, Inc. has been testing the new GTR200 com radio/intercom in an RV-12 for a couple months and has been quite impressed. It has Garmin’s usual excellent user interface, a first-class intercom and a very easy-to-read display. The GTR200, when paired with an EFIS-supplied database, allows easy access to frequencies including ATIS, APRCH, TWR, CTAF and more. (Full specifications and details of the GTR200 can be found at https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/prod140495.html )

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GRT Now Shipping Val Avionics Remote Nav Radio

ComFreq GRT Avionics is now shipping Val Avionics remote nav and com radios to be used with the HXr, GRT’s large-screen electronic flight instrumentation system for experimental and light-sport aircraft. The HXr features a dedicated suite of controls for remotely mounted avionics such as radio, transponder, intercom and audio panel, saving precious instrument panel space in an age dominated by large glass displays.

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