Randy Schlitter, owner of RANS, shows if his latest work in progress, what will become the S-21. This high wing utility airplane will be a departure from his typical light sport-compliant kits. The prototype is fitted with conventional gear, but a trike version will also be offered. Continue reading "RANS S-21"

Lategan Rans S9 Chaos

Lategan Rans S9 Chaos


My Rans S9 Chaos kit was delivered to me here in Thailand in March 2006. Completion to first flight was the 23rd December 2015, due to all the usual delays, work interference, etc. The engine is a Rotax 582, giving sporty performance on the little single seater. Cruise is about 75 mph with about 1000+ fpm regularly seen on the VSI. It hasn't been upside down yet; but certainly it's a fun airplane. Not one to finish one project before starting another, I got a Sonex OneX kit about three years ago and have about three months into that one now, so look out for that completion some time in the next decade.

Gerry Lategan
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rans Aircraft Announces Titan O-340 Availability for Raven S-20


Shelly Miller of Rans aircraft told me today that the Titan O-340 engine will be available for the Raven S-20. It will be very exciting to see the performance increase on an already stellar performing aircraft such as the S-20. Continue reading "Rans Aircraft Announces Titan O-340 Availability for Raven S-20"

Glenn and Gwen Mathis' RANS S-19

Mathis Rans S-19

After almost fours years and 1,315 hours of work, our RANS S-19 - N519GM took to the skies the evening of January 2nd, 2012. The first flight went perfectly with no issues.

The plane is equipped with Dynon D100/D120 7" screens, Trigg TT-21 Mode S, Garmin GMA-240 Audio, Garmin 396 GPS, Vertical Power VP-50, XCOM 760 Radio. Paint is DuPont base coat/clear coat and empty weight came in at 800 lb.

I would like to thank my wife and kids for all their help as well as the crew at Rans. Their help made this all possible! As of this writing the plane has 634 hourson it and has made several trips from SE Texas to the Idaho/Montana backcountry, Triple Tree in South Carolina and South Dakota. After all that's what it's all about!

Glenn Mathis
EAA 1515

Kitplanes Looks at RANS S 20 Raven


If Vans is the most prolific of experimental aircraft vendors, RANS Designs is right behind them with more than a half dozen airplanes in the line. At the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring this week, RANS is adding yet another model, the S20 Raven, an evolution of its popular Coyote model.

The S20 will debut as an experimental amateur-built kit, but RANS’ Randy Schlitter told AVweb on Thursday that a ready-to-fly SLSA version will eventually be available, selling fully equipped for prices in the mid-$120,000 range. The S20 shares some components with the S-6 Coyote series but rather than having a steel tube cage around only the forward section of the fuselage, the Raven’s welded tube structure extends the full length of the fuselage.

To provide more interior shoulder room, the S20’s top-hinged doors have an outward curve and a noticeable downline. Schlitter says three engines will be available for the S20, the 100-hp Rotax 912 AVweb flew on Thursday, the UL Power 130-hp offering and eventually a 160-hp powerplant. Given the airplane’s exceptionally light weight—about 735 pounds empty—the higher power engines promise impressive short field performance. The initial kit will cost $25,500, less engine and Schlitter said kits are expected to be shipping in February.

Continue reading "Kitplanes Looks at RANS S 20 Raven"

Rich Guilfoil's Rans S6S

After 6+ years of somewhat part-time building and 1750 hours, I first flew my completed not-so-quick-build Rans S6S on July 15, 2013. It's powered by a Rotax 912ULS with a 3-blade Warp Drive prop. The panel is basic steam gauges, (I am old fashioned) with a Dynon D10A EFIS, Icom radio, Garmin transponder and Aera GPS as a glove box door. I have installed a few extras like an electric boost pump, Andair fuel shutoff and brass and glass fuel gauges.

N510BH (Beehoon) is a dream to fly and I appreciate the advice and inputs of DAR L.L. Farrand, recipient of the EAA "Tony Bingelis" award for 2013.

The greatest joy to me was designing and building the electrical system. My thanks go out to the EAA staff and Tech Counselors who answered various and I am sure, redundant questions.

Rich Guilfoil Rans S6S
Fennville, Mich.

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