Promise Fulfilled

Mark Voss, One Moment Racing's thermodynamicist and Andrew Findlay stop hugging long enough for a photo after their first Sport Gold victory.
Mark Voss, One Moment Racing's thermodynamicist and Andrew Findlay stop hugging long enough for a photo after their first Sport Gold victory.

Ever since Andrew Findlay appeared with his splashy graphics and youthful team full of brains and enthusiasm the only real question was when would it all come together for a Sport Gold win.

The answer was today. Continue reading "Promise Fulfilled"


justinmeaders reno 2018
Justin Meaders shows off his Reno grin after walking away with the Formula One Gold this morning. Both the wing and tiny 46-in. prop on his racer were built by Craig Catto. Justin flies via hand controls; one stick for pitch and roll, another stick for yaw.

Anticipation is one thing, but racing is something else. And we were all robbed of a great Formula One Gold race this morning by wonky qualifying and an oil leak. Continue reading "Robbed!"

A Promising New Race Day

Photo: KG Eccles/RARA
Photo: KG Eccles/RARA

It's 45 degrees as the night hints at ceding itself to the sun in Reno, Nevada. In countless hotel rooms, houses, trailers and motorhomes the air racing tribe is up and headed to the airport. It's Sunday. Race day. The day that counts; where winning and loosing decides who's who and the promoters base their performance reviews in the form of checks. Continue reading "A Promising New Race Day"

Sport Close!

Header cracks are a constant with the many of the turbocharged Sport Gold front runners; here Findlay's crew refits a repaired left side header and turbo prior to today's heat race.

Things are heating up in the headlining Sport Gold class at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada. The last few years the class had plateaued behind Jeff LaVelle's reliably 400+ mph Glasair III. Sure, John Parker certainly gave it a go with his Thunder Mustang, Andrew Findlay made a big impact with his Stihl-sponsorship and depth of talent in his team while steady David Sterling was always there as the gate keeper to 370 mph or faster. Continue reading "Sport Close!"

Reno - Right-sizing the Races

The new pit tents for the Sport class racers house one airplane each and the relocated grandstands in the pit area should be a fantastic place to watch the action!

It is no secret to those that attend the Reno Air Races every year that there has been some downsizing in recent years. It's not unexpected as the Unlimited Class has shrunk and the major players in previous years have now been retired - leaving what might actually prove to be a field that is better matched and could lead to some exciting racing! Nevertheless the Sport, Formula 1 and Biplanes classes - consisting mostly of homebuilts are going gangbusters with full fields and some planes put on standby in case one of the field breaks or can't show up! This is great for those mere mortals who are looking for a chance to just get out there and see how they do against other pilots and planes. Continue reading "Reno - Right-sizing the Races"