Field Fixin'

We had everything but a jack- all the tools we needed to change a tail wheel on our Tundra were a set of pliers, a 3/4" wrench to pull the axle, and a pair of 7/16" sockets (and drive handles) to split the rims. Oh yeah - a source of compressed air to inflate the tube as well. Fortunately, the mountain ranch resort where we had landed for the evening was self-sufficient - they had to be, since the only way in or out is by air, or horse. So they had a bottle jack and small piece of plywood to keep it from sinking into the soil. Continue reading "Field Fixin'"

Tundra: Return to Flight!

Dream Tundra flight

The Monday after Christmas dawned clear, calm, and cold here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Nevada – perfect for flight testing (assuming you have thermal underwear and gloves)! It was time to get our Dream Tundra back in the air after significant belly skin upgrades. We also finished up a complete (early) annual condition inspection, seeing as how we took the plane out of service right after completing Phase 1, and this was a great opportunity to do a tip to tail inspection after the flight test phase. In addition, we’ve added a few things during the downtime – things we’ll be writing about in the near future in the pages of Kitplanes and here on the web site. These include a new angle of attack indicator from Alpha Systems AoA, and a T3 tail wheel suspension from Airframes Alaska, plus new stick grips from Tosten, and a pitch trim controller from TCW. We’ve also made a few tweaks to the Dynon Skyview, updating to the latest software – so there is a lot to test and report on! Continue reading "Tundra: Return to Flight!"