Michel Fithian-Eyb's 1912 Etrich Taube Series F Replica


Sometime after my grandfather passed away I ran across a curious photo of him in an airplane. Turns out he was one of the first aviators in the newly formed aviation division of the Austro-Hungarian Empire's military. No one in the family ever told me about it, not even he. The airplane turned out to be a 1912 Taube, designed by Igo Etrich and built by Lohner in Vienna. Continue reading "Michel Fithian-Eyb's 1912 Etrich Taube Series F Replica"

Authentic Sopwith & Gnome

Rated at 100 hp, the CAMS Gnome rotary displaces nearly 13-liters and actually produces 125 hp at 1125 rpm along with an impressive 578 lb-ft of torque. It retails for $62,000 FOB Blenheim, New Zealand.

If you've had the rare chance to closely examine a World War I aircraft it soon became obvious why so few early warbirds have been seriously recreated. The products of an age of low-paid labor and easy access to skills and hardware long lost to history, building an authentic continuation aircraft has proven a job mainly too large even for the most dedicated and reasonably funded enthusiast.

Continue reading "Authentic Sopwith & Gnome"

Sopwith 1½ Strutter


If you want to build a plane that will make you the envy of everyone at the airport and have people lined up to see your plane everywhere you go, KIPAERO has just the kit for you. It is an authentic replica of a Sopwith 1½ Strutter complete with a Gnome rotary engine. The engine is reverse-engineered from a museum piece using modern metals and machining techniques, but otherwise is an exact copy of the original. Continue reading "Sopwith 1½ Strutter"

Timber Tiger Ryan-A-Like

From any angle the Timber Tiger says "Ryan." The five percent small scale is essentially indistinguishable without an original Ryan nearby.

So, what's a nice Ryan like this doing in the homebuilt display at AirVenture? Looking the part, obviously, and yes, it is not a Ryan. It's the new Timber Tiger ST-L, a 95-percent, Light Sport homage to the art deco Ryan. Continue reading "Timber Tiger Ryan-A-Like"

Forced Perspective

Probably one of the most anticipated arrivals at this year's AirVenture made it in several days ago - but is it right to park a B-17 in the section reserved for miniature warbirds? Well yes, actually because this B-17 is the Bally Bomber - a single seat version, scaled down in intricate detail and now available for up close viewing just west of the forum buildings and north of the replica fighter building. Continue reading "Forced Perspective"