Sonex Introduces Rotax Engine Mount Attach Bars

Sonex Aircraft introduced a new product from AeroConversions: Rotax Engine Mount Attach Bars. Developed for Sonex/Rotax 912-series engine mounts, AeroConversions Rotax Attach Bars can also be used for custom Rotax 912 engine mounts on any experimental aircraft. Continue reading "Sonex Introduces Rotax Engine Mount Attach Bars"

Kitplanes Flies the New RV-12iS!

The new RV-12iS showcases its new engine - and many more detailed refinements that make this a capable, comfortable airplane.

Kitplanes was there for the first flight of the new RV-12iS in early July, and we were given a chance to evaluate the kit and aircraft improvements with a flight soon after. From a pilot's perspective, the RV-12iS handles like the original--responsive and stable, an excellent training or sport platform. The improved cockpit includes a new center-console throttle which feels quite natural, and fast-acting electric flaps to replace the manual flap handle of the original. Both add to the human factors of the cockpit in a positive way. Top speed of the new RV-12iS is limited to 120 knots, per LSA regulations, so the improvement in performance with the iS is most noticeable in an increased climb rate and better efficiency. Continue reading "Kitplanes Flies the New RV-12iS!"

Rotax 915 iS Aircraft Engine Awarded "Powertrain of The Future"

BRP-Rotax' latest aircraft engine development, the Rotax 915 iS aircraft engine, was awarded with the German aviation magazine aerokurier's Innovation Award "powertrain of the future" during the AERO Friedrichshafen, the largest trade show for general aviation in Europe. Continue reading "Rotax 915 iS Aircraft Engine Awarded "Powertrain of The Future""

Update on Rotax 915is Aircraft Engine from AERO Friedrichshafen


Rotax 915 iS


BRP-Rotax revealed the latest development progress on the Rotax 915 iS, a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, turbocharged aircraft engine with intercooler and a redundant fuel injection system, during a press conference at the AERO Friedrichshafen, the largest trade show for general aviation in Europe. The engine is undergoing a final calibration in real flight mode. Since the maiden flight – performed March 12, 2016 – the Rotax 915 iS aircraft engine has flown 250 hours in real mode and a further 10,000 hours on test benches. Continue reading "Update on Rotax 915is Aircraft Engine from AERO Friedrichshafen"

Free Rotax Information Sessions at AirVenture

Rotax 912iSThis year at AirVenture, the Rotax Flying and Safety Club (RFSC) and BRP-Rotax are offering free information sessions conducted by experienced RFSC instructors. The sessions are aimed at people who would like to learn more about Rotax aircraft engines in general, and the Rotax 912 iS engine in particular. For the entire week, there will be two different types of sessions at booth #265–267: Continue reading "Free Rotax Information Sessions at AirVenture"

Rotax 915iS is Coming

Rotax 915 iS

Rotax introduced its souped up 915iS, a 135 hp turbocharged, intercooled four stroke, fuel injected engine last summer at EAA AirVenture. Yesterday at Sun 'n Fun 2016 Rotax Business Manager Marc Becker provided a window into the development schedule for the engine. Continue reading "Rotax 915iS is Coming"