Hummingbird Heli Kit Status Official

Vertical Aviation Technologies of Orlando, Florida is proud to announce that the company has recently received official FAA notice that the new Hummingbird 260L standard and quickbuild kits are eligible Experimental/Amateur-Built kits meeting the 51% rule. The standard Hummingbird kit has been eligible since 1993 and was recently re-evaluated, the company says. The quickbuild kit was developed two years ago to assist builders through the sheet-metal construction of the fuselage and tail cone, but the official designation was delayed by pending changes to the "major-portion" rule. Continue reading "Hummingbird Heli Kit Status Official"

Oops, We Missed One

Despite our diligent efforts, we missed listing a manufacturer in the February 2010 issue’s Rotorcraft Buyer’s Guide. The company is Rotary Flight Dynamics, which manufactures the Dominator gyro.

Rotary Flight Dynamics has single- and dual-place designs, and you can find more information about them by calling 813/634-3370 or by visiting the company’s web site here.