BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute for Van's RV-10


RV-10 BRS parachute system. Image: BRS Aerospace.

BRS Aerospace has developed a whole aircraft parachute rescue system on Van's RV-10 homebuilt aircraft. The company is accepting orders for the system, which is priced at $25,990, plus shipping.

The BRS ballistic powered parachute system can be retrofitted on flying aircraft or incorporated during the home building process. BRS Aerospace also offers the installation in two stages for builders who want to incorporate parts of the installation during the build process. Continue reading "BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute for Van's RV-10"

The RV-10 TDI Arrives

Continental representatives greeted the Flandermeyer's when they arrived and anxiously listened to Scott's report on the engine's performance.

We noticed an unpainted RV-10 taxiing into the special display area near the Homebuilder's Hangar and wondered, what is so special about an RV-10? Occupants Scott and Tracey Flandermeyer explained that it is the only turbo-diesel powered RV-10 in the world. Weather challenges made the flight less than ideal for recording performance data, but the Continental CD-230 diesel engine (producing 230 HP) reportedly cruised at about 157 kt TAS and burned an average of about 8 gallons of Jet A per hour. Continue reading "The RV-10 TDI Arrives"


You can't get a photo of the RV-10 called "Liberty" without capturing a few other photographers this week.
You can't get a photo of the RV-10 called "Liberty" without capturing a few other photographers this week.

One RV that draws the attention of every AirVenture passerby is "Liberty" with a spectacular paint job that pays tribute to all branches of the United States military. The plane's airbrush illustrations are the latest creation of the talented John Stahr of Eugene, Oregon, whose own American Angel RV-8 captured everyone's attention last year. Continue reading "Liberty"

New, Lighter Hartzell Prop for RV-10

Hartzell has introduced a lighter weight three blade propeller for the RV-10

Hartzell Propeller announced that it has developed a new three-blade ASC-II composite propeller for Van's Aircraft RV-10. The new prop is four pounds lighter than Hartzell's previous model, with most of the weight reduction attributed to its lighter-weight hub. A weight savings of four pounds so far forward of the center of gravity is significant for the RV-10, which tends to be a tad nose-heavy when being flown with just the pilot and no bags, passengers or ballast aft of its center of gravity.

Hartzell says its 3-bladed composite propeller noticeably improves the smoothness of flight on the RV-10 when compared to the 2-bladed aluminium propeller. The ASC-II's proprietary blade design features a carbon fibre monocoque construction with co-moulded leading edges of electroformed nickel for erosion resistance. Continue reading "New, Lighter Hartzell Prop for RV-10"

Joel Graber's RV-10

I started this project due to family expansion (when we found out we were about to have our first child). We had a an RV-4 that flew us around the country for over 700 hrs and now the writing was on the wall to get ready for an upgrade.

The kit was ordered in May of 2010, and 22 Months latter it was in the air.

It is has instrumentation for IFR flying, 2-axis auto pilot, Hartzell BA prop, Garmin GNT650, Garmin Aera560, PS5000, Dynon Skyview, Integrated iPad for charts.

Cruise flight is 177-182 KTAS at 10,000 ft burning 11.0-11.5 GPH. Our 1700 ft grass strip is no problem even on hot days at gross weight.

Joel Graber
EAA 9024230

Location: Mississippi

e-mail address: