Engine Start!

One Week Wonder with wings and prop. The Van's crew immediately removed the wings after engine start and brought the plane back into its shop.

About 7 pm on Saturday, the Van's crew put the wings on and brought the One Week Wonder out onto the adjacent street for a successful engine start. A spontaneous crowd gathered around and applauded the effort while audible sighs of relieve were heard from the Van's folks. Continue reading "Engine Start!"

One Week Wonder - Day 6 - Engine Start!

There were more Van's employees (dark shirts) working on the project today than true volunteers. Dick Syracuse (left in back ground), Van's East Coast representative, Van (right in the back ground) himself, and Van VP for Engineering Rian Johnson helped out throughout the day.

When I walked in Saturday morning, it was clear that the Van's crew had reached a point that gave them confidence that the One Week Wonder project would achieve its goal of getting an RV-12iS built and ready to taxi in 6.5 days. Their core group of employees had worked into the wee hours of the morning to do the things they felt necessary to ensure success. Continue reading "One Week Wonder - Day 6 - Engine Start!"

One Week Wonder - Day 4 - 90% Done, 90% Left to Do

Cabin and tail cone at the start of the day.

The One Week Wonder began to look like a real airplane on Thursday. The cabin and tail cone have been mated, the vertical stabilator and rudder are nearly completed as is the stabilator, and the canopy frame has been started. Many of the various "systems" (e.g., fuel and brake lines) have been installed and the plane is on its gear legs and wheels. The team is just about at the stage where most builders feel they are 90% done but the finishing work drags on and on. Talking with team lead Scott McDaniels at the end of today, he expressed confidence that the plane will taxi on time on Sunday, "although it will be close." Continue reading "One Week Wonder - Day 4 - 90% Done, 90% Left to Do"

One Week Wonder - Day 2 - Riveting Opened to Everyone

The wing structures were completed and skins tacked on by mid-day, allowing AirVenture visitors to walk up to the One Week Wonder pavilion, pull a practice rivet or two, then pull a rivet on one of the actual wings. An EAA volunteer photographed the effort and will send the photo to each person. Participants then sign "their" rivet. The signatures will be carried by the plane until it is time for the paint shop. Continue reading "One Week Wonder - Day 2 - Riveting Opened to Everyone"