"Old Crow" Huber RV-7A

Old Crow Huber RV-7A

After six and a half years, I received an airworthiness certificate on August 2, 2018. The first two flights were on August 10, flown by my highly experienced RV friend, Tom Berge. I completed the flight testing in early October. I then flew the aircraft up to Hibbing, MN for a paint job at Midwest Aircraft Refinishers. Continue reading ""Old Crow" Huber RV-7A"

Van's 10,000 Flying Airplanes

Congratulations to David Porter, who recently reported the first flight of his RV-7 and became the official 10,000th Van's RV aircraft to transition from a collection of parts and take to the skies. We say "official" because there are certainly more than 10,000 flying, but we don't know about all of them. Many builders have taken to the air and, doubtless, the thrilling experience caused them to overlook alerting anyone at Van's. Continue reading "Van's 10,000 Flying Airplanes"

BRS Thoughts

I occasionally receive notes requesting information on ballistic recovery systems for E-AB aircraft, and questions on why you don't see more articles in Kitplanes Magazine regarding installing such systems. The truth of the matter is that while BRS chutes are pretty common in ultralight aircraft, they just haven't worked their way into that many E-AB craft... yet. Whole aircraft parachutes have so far saved quite a few lives in mishaps that have occurred in equipped aircraft, making the question of why they aren't more common an interesting one. Continue reading "BRS Thoughts"

Rhea Van's RV-7

Rhea RV-7

My slow-build Rv-7 was started in August of 2012. I work full time so this was an evening and weekend project.

Rhea RV-7This is my third experimental aircraft and my first slow-build kit. I must say after plans-building two other aircraft that Van’s has got to be the finest kit. Almost everything fit to a “T” and required very little extra work. I already had a lot of tools and knew how to use them.

The first flight was October 16, 2014 with Dave Austin at the controls. Dave took a 20 minute first flight and pronounced that we had a little right wing heavy so hand forming the left aileron is all it took. No rudder trim necessary.

Thanks to Doyle Reed for all the help and encouragement, family and grandkids for their help and  support.

N60KR is a 1020-lb slider and is equipped with a low time 0-320-D2A, EFII ignitions, Catto Propeller, MGL Enigma EFIS with AP servos, AHRS, MGL V-10, MGL AS-1, Trig TT21,Pathfinder ADS-B. The Interior is by Flightline interiors with my supplied leather.

My own paint and polish and my wife's design of the chevrons. I have accumulated 47 hours of the RV-7 and I'm getting some of the fine tuning done.

--Keith Rhea

Rhea RV-7

Bob Alexander’s RV-7

On May 10, 2013 I made my first flight in my completed RV-7. After a decade of building it was finally time to experience the joy of flying this marvelous kit from Van’s Aircraft, and it did not disappoint! The plane flew perfectly and I have now completed the testing phase flying out of the Tacoma Narrows airport in Gig Harbor, WA.

My RV-7 includes an IO-360 engine from AeroSport, Hartzell blended airfoil prop, interior by Classic Aero, Lightspeed electronic ignition, TruTrak Digiflight autopilot, Advanced Flight System sport AOA, and a beautiful paint job by Dan & Linda Mauer of Red Bluff, CA. Thanks to EAA tech/flight advisors Marv Scott and Terry Burch.

Location: Fox Island, WA

e-mail address: rkalex123@aol.com