Homebuilts Soar!

The annual Soaring Society of America convention is underway in Reno, Nevada, and since there are (and always have been) homebuilt sailplanes, we felt it worth the trip so see what's going on in the quieter part of our industry. The first thing to note is that not all sailplanes are that quiet!

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Report from the 2012 SSA Convention

The Swiss Stemme motorglider is loaded with unique features, including a pop-out nose cone and folding prop and this nifty backwards-folding wing to allow storage in regular hangars.

It was my good fortune to attend the 2012 Soaring Society of America convention at the Reno/Sparks Convention Hall in Reno, Nevada, February 1-5.

Besides a display hall filled with mostly white, gleaming, streamlined shapes, three large lecture halls hosted world leaders in aerodynamics, sailplane flight, launching methods, safety and meteorology. Continue reading "Report from the 2012 SSA Convention"