Zenith Announces New 180-hp SAM-EX


This week at AirVenture, Zenith Aircraft, the new owners of the SAM aircraft design, introduced the SAM-EX. Based on the prototype SAM aircraft introduced in 2012 by Thierry Zibi, the SAM-EX sports an all-new look, is configured as a taildragger (tricycle gear is also available), and is powered by a 180-hp Lycoming O-360. The EX model has an increased gross weight of 1800 pounds, with a useful load of 650 pounds. It can carry up to 36 gallons of fuel, and can operate in the utility category. Cruise speed is 140–150 mph depending on engine size and installed propeller, with a stall speed of 50 mph. Continue reading "Zenith Announces New 180-hp SAM-EX"



The first manufacturer you come to as you head up "kit Company Row" at Oshkosh is Zenith, makers of a variety of STOL and sport planes. This year, they are stopping traffic with their latest offering - the revamped SAM aircraft, a design they purchased from the original Canadian designer/owner. SAM aircraft was having difficulty marketing the new LSA design (reviewed by Kitplanes a couple of years ago), but Zenith sees hope in their version of the aircraft. Continue reading "Showstopper!"

SAM Aircraft Acquired by Zenith / Zenair

Public's feedback requested by new owners of SAM Aircraft

SAM opencanopy950SAM Aircraft assets have been acquired by the sons of aircraft designer Chris Heintz, owners and operators of Zenith Aircraft Company (U.S.) and Zenair Ltd. (Canada).

Founded in 2009 by Thierry Zibi in Quebec, Canada, SAM Aircraft was developed as a modern light sport aircraft (LSA).  A low-wing all-metal tandem two-seater, the SAM Aircraft design is unique in that it presents a rare balance between retro styling and modern engineering.  The SAM Aircraft was inspired by legendary trainers of the Golden Age of Aviation, yet it offers pilot comfort, state-of-the-art technology and outstanding flight characteristics that all sport pilots will appreciate. Continue reading "SAM Aircraft Acquired by Zenith / Zenair"

SAM Aircraft: Company is For Sale

samls850bisLachute, Quebec, Canada: Just a year and a half after first flight of the prototype SAM aircraft, President Thierry Zibi has put the company up for sale.

Why, after so much work – design, fixturing, successful flight test, certification, and orders – would that be a good time to sell the company? Zibi says, “I came to the realization that I love designing airplanes, but I am not so keen on running a production company.”

Continue reading "SAM Aircraft: Company is For Sale"

Thierry Zibi's SAM LS

5 years ago, I wanted a retro-looking aircraft, like the trainers of the golden age but with modern comfort, construction and flying manners. That didn't exist! So I decided to build it from scratch with the help of aeronautical engineers and designers. The SAM LS, named like my son is a unique and innovative aircraft build under LSA standards. Empty weight is 830 lbs, gross weight: 1320 lbs, Cruising speed: 130 mph.

I am looking for partners to launch production of the SAM LS in Kit or ready to fly.

Thierry Zibi
100 boulevard Bradford, #B
Lachute, Québec, J8H-3R8

e-mail address: thierry.zibi@sam-aircraft.com

Website: http://www.sam-aircraft.com

Location: Lachute, QC, Canada