Joe Friend's Searey LSX

N293JF SeareyMy new Searey LSX was completed in August 2015. It is painted to honor the Greatest Generation and styled like the PBY Catalina in Jim Slattery's Greatest Generation Naval Museum. It's powered by a Rotax 912ULS and equipped with a suite of Advanced Flight Systems avionics including ADS-B in and out.

The Searey has Friese ailerons which makes the ship incredibly responsive even at low speeds. The wing design with washout and vortex generators allows a 38 mph stall with flaps. The stall is very timid, more like a mush, and can actually be heard when the airstream breaks free of the wing at the root and goes through the prop.

Joe Friend
Port Orange, FL

Searey Introduces New Frise Aileron, Sliding Canopy, and Paint Scheme.


Progressive Aerodyne, manufacturer of Searey light sport amphibious airplanes, has developed a new Frise aileron for all new Searey factory-built and kit-built airplanes. The new aileron provides more balanced and responsive control, especially in severe conditions and wind gusts. Progressive Aerodyne conducted extensive static load and flight testing on the new aileron, and the results exceeded the design standards and expectations. The new aileron can be retrofitted to all Experimental and SLSA Seareys.

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Thomas Yowell's SeaRey "Top Fun"

The first flights of my SeaRey LSX, with the Rotax 914 Turbo, that made it the "Top Fun" amphibian it is today occurred in May 2012. It's so much fun, it's barely legal. The previous articles in Kitplanes about SeaReys are all true. My plane was first completed with a Viking 110 engine, but initial flights were not to my satisfaction, so I begrudgingly sold my nearly completed RV-12 kit and purchased a 914, which made a dramatic difference in the SeaRey's performance. With help from several guys at the factory and close friends, I now have my dream plane.

Location: Minneola, Florida

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SeaRey 20th Anniversary Celebrations

To celebrate 20 years in sport amphibian aviation, Progressive Aerodyne is offering a promotional package to buyers of 2012 SeaRey kits. This incentive is worth $2000 in deluxe seats and side panel upgrades ($100 times 20 years). To highlight the anniversary theme, the interior will feature an embroidered medallion that displays 20 years, 500 flying. The promotion will be available as long as slots are not full (October and November are already full), and all orders must be paid and shipped by December 31, 2012. A $5000 deposit will secure your order and ship date. Continue reading "SeaRey 20th Anniversary Celebrations"