Last Seen in California...

Sling TSi

When last we saw the Sling TSi four-seat cruiser, it was in the mountains outside Las Angeles, in California. This week, it showed up in Lakeland, Florida, after a 13 hour non-stop flight from those sunny climes to these warm shores. The pilots reported that they cruised all the way to the gulf coast at 17,500', sipping less than 6 gallons per hour. Eventually, they hit weather somewhere just past New Orleans, and descended to stay below the clouds, setting out over the Gulf for some of the way to the west coast of Florida. Continue reading "Last Seen in California..."

Sling TSi - New Four Place Cruiser

Sling TSi

Anyone who wandered through Kit Company Row at AirVenture in July probably saw the newest aircraft from The Airplane Factory - so new, in fact, that it hadn't flown yet when it arrived at the show. A four-place machine that outwardly looks a lot like the existing Sling 4, the new TSi actually shares only about 20% of the parts with the old design, with a completely new wing and sporting the Rotax 915is turbocharged engine and a constant speed prop. We were instantly struck with the concept, and got our name on the list to fly it as soon as we could. Continue reading "Sling TSi - New Four Place Cruiser"

Sling Shows off the Zaleski Sling 2 and Announces Sling 4 with Rotax 915 Engine

Zaleski Sling 2. Image courtesy of Sling/Mariano Rosales.

If you're headed to Sun N' Fun, visit Sling at booths N-082 & N-089 in front of Hangar A. We have a beautiful example of a customer-built Sling 2 by Bob and Joan Zaleski as well as a factory-built Sling LSA in the booth and they will be conducting demo flights out of Paradise City. And when the weather breaks, you'll get to see a custom-built Sling 4 Turbo that will knock your socks off! Continue reading "Sling Shows off the Zaleski Sling 2 and Announces Sling 4 with Rotax 915 Engine"

Sling 4 Two-Week Turbo Build Program Announced

Sling 4 place

The Airplane Factory (TAF) has partnered with Synergy Air to launch the Sling 4 Two-Week Turbo Build Program. Builders will spend several weeks at Synergy Air's Eugene, Oregon, location and will build a Sling 4 Turbo from a quickbuild kit with training and assistance from Synergy Air's staff. After the build sessions, the aircraft will be ready for paint. The builder  will return home and come back to Synergy at a later date to receive transition training and collect their painted and ready-to-fly airplane. Continue reading "Sling 4 Two-Week Turbo Build Program Announced"