Searey Introduces New Frise Aileron, Sliding Canopy, and Paint Scheme.


Progressive Aerodyne, manufacturer of Searey light sport amphibious airplanes, has developed a new Frise aileron for all new Searey factory-built and kit-built airplanes. The new aileron provides more balanced and responsive control, especially in severe conditions and wind gusts. Progressive Aerodyne conducted extensive static load and flight testing on the new aileron, and the results exceeded the design standards and expectations. The new aileron can be retrofitted to all Experimental and SLSA Seareys.

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Kitplanes Looks at RANS S 20 Raven


If Vans is the most prolific of experimental aircraft vendors, RANS Designs is right behind them with more than a half dozen airplanes in the line. At the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring this week, RANS is adding yet another model, the S20 Raven, an evolution of its popular Coyote model.

The S20 will debut as an experimental amateur-built kit, but RANS’ Randy Schlitter told AVweb on Thursday that a ready-to-fly SLSA version will eventually be available, selling fully equipped for prices in the mid-$120,000 range. The S20 shares some components with the S-6 Coyote series but rather than having a steel tube cage around only the forward section of the fuselage, the Raven’s welded tube structure extends the full length of the fuselage.

To provide more interior shoulder room, the S20’s top-hinged doors have an outward curve and a noticeable downline. Schlitter says three engines will be available for the S20, the 100-hp Rotax 912 AVweb flew on Thursday, the UL Power 130-hp offering and eventually a 160-hp powerplant. Given the airplane’s exceptionally light weight—about 735 pounds empty—the higher power engines promise impressive short field performance. The initial kit will cost $25,500, less engine and Schlitter said kits are expected to be shipping in February.

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New Features on Ready-to-Fly 2012 RANS S-7LS

RANS Aircraft announced that it will soon fly its 2012 demonstrator S-7LS, which features refinements that provide greater range and payload, and more responsive handling, for a modest increase in price. Production orders are being accepted, with delivery times running four to six months.

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Sirius LSA Available for Demo Flights

Sportair USA, distributor for the Sirius LSA from TL Ultralight of the Czech Republic, has announced that the first aircraft is available for demo flights in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The first delivery will occur at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In this April.

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Sportair Sirius SLSA Makes First Flight

TL-Ultralight has recently completed a series of test flights of the TL-3000 Sirius in the Czech Republic. The Sirius is a two-passenger, high-wing, carbon-fiber design powered by a 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS engine. It is being manufactured in the Czech Republic in versions for the U.S. and European markets, and will be distributed in North America by Sportair USA.

Piloted by Jiri Tlusty, president of the company, the first Sirius is said to have demonstrated lively acceleration and responsive slow flight characteristics. The project was begun in 2006 and was introduced last year as a proof-of-concept at shows in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and at Oshkosh AirVenture. The production prototype is slated to be complete this summer, and tooling is underway for the first European production runs later this year. The SLSA version for the U.S. market will be ready in the first half of 2009, the company says.

In keeping with U.S. SLSA standards, the Sirius is designed for a max gross weight of 1320 pounds with a useful load of 600 pounds and extended range with 30+ gallons of fuel. Standard equipment in the trigear will include a steerable nosewheel, toe-actuated disk brakes, adjustable rudder pedals and a ballistic recovery chute.

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Aussie Outback SLSA to Debut at AirVenture

There’s now another Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) distributor and training provider in the West. Airgyro Aviation, located in Spanish Fork, Utah, is the exclusive sales outlet for Higher Class Aviation’s Sport Hornet and the new Outback SP 2000 from Australia’s Light Wing. Airgyro also distributes the Sportcopter 2 gyroplane, certified last year.

The new Outback SP 2000 will make its first appearance at AirVenture, and all three designs will be on display at Booths 37 and 38. Says Airgyro President Nate Oldham, “Our primary focus at Airgyro Aviation is to bring the fun and affordability of sport aviation to a generation who may have thought recreational flying was simply out of reach. Our aircraft are chosen for their ease of flying and their safety features. Our flight training is personalized to meet the customer’s schedule or accelerated to help folks become certified [Sport] pilots in as little as 15 days.”

Described as an “LSA trainer and starter plane,” the two-place Outback is “one of the safest planes to train in,” Airgyro says, using “modern composites, like many other new aircraft, to create the aerodynamic shape.” But under the composite is a steel airframe complete with a roll cage. The Outback also features a lightweight rotary engine, which offers less vibration and easier maintenance, the company says.

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