SubSonex Factory Seminar to be Hosted at AirVenture 2018

Sonex Aircraft will hold the first-ever SubSonex Factory Seminar on Thursday, July 26th during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh! The event will take place from 3-5 pm at Sonex Aircraft factory headquarters on the East side of Wittman Regional Airport, and will be a very-focused informational session for those seriously considering purchase of a SubSonex. Continue reading "SubSonex Factory Seminar to be Hosted at AirVenture 2018"

Building a Jet

SubSonex jet

"If you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do."
--Warren Miller

I have always enjoyed Warren Miller's ski films, not only for the beautiful imagery of snow, sky, rocks (and skiers bouncing off those rocks), but for the wonderful little pearls of wisdom Mr. Miller threw into his wry narration. I thought of my favorite of all his quotes about just "doing it" recently as we made a decision on a new airplane kit to work on in my recently completed shop. There are a lot of wonderful airplane kits and designs out there that can do amazing things, and in each of the performance categories. But ever since I got a chance to fly the little SubSonex jet a few years ago, I had this feeling that sooner or later, I was going to need another fix. And after that, another one. And then another after that... and so on. Continue reading "Building a Jet"

A New Racing Class at Reno?

Reno PRS 2018 SubSonex Photo: Curtis Noble

Anyone that has an interest in air racing knows that the National Championship Air Races held in Reno, Nevada each September bring racing in a number of different aircraft classes. The biplanes, Formula 1, and Sport classes all feature homebuilts. The T-6, Unlimiteds, and Jet classes bring the noise and speed of the warbirds. But these classes aren't static, and over the years, new groups have appeared. It might take awhile for them to take hold, but where there are airplane drivers arguing over the speed of their particular machine, there is the possibility of a race! Continue reading "A New Racing Class at Reno?"

John R. Murphy's SubSonex

My JSX-2 SubSonex was completed in November 2015 after 22 months of building, and it is the 3rd customer-built SubSonex to fly. Sonex delivered the first seven kits in February 2015.

Many thanks to the Sonex crew; John, Mark, Kerry, Jason, Levi, and Jake for all the support. I am sure Jeremy Monnett would have been very proud to see these kits completed and flown. Continue reading "John R. Murphy's SubSonex"

SubSonex Personal Jet Now More Affordable


Sonex Aircraft, LLC has a new sales strategy for the SubSonex Personal Jet, with a drastically reduced airframe price to put this unparalleled aircraft into the hands of more pilots. The SubSonex is now available in separate purchases of airframe, PBS TJ-100 engine, optional BRS parachute recovery system, and other optional accessories.

The SubSonex airframe is available as an E/AB-compliant Quick Build kit package for $42,000. The very complete airframe kit only needs engine, avionics, upholstery and finishing materials in-order to fly. With engine, the package is $97,000, and customers can split those costs over the span of the aircraft's build time. Continue reading "SubSonex Personal Jet Now More Affordable"