Stewart Systems Workshops announced for Sun 'n Fun 2018

stewart systems workshop

Stewart Systems  announced they will be teaming up with Lakeland Aero Club to offer a free, hands-on fabric covering and painting workshop at Sun 'n Fun 2018. The workshop will be held daily Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 2pm at the Lakeland Aero Club hangar. Come and learn how to cover and paint aircraft the non-hazardous way. All are welcome, including young people. Continue reading "Stewart Systems Workshops announced for Sun 'n Fun 2018"

Leaving Lakeland

Sun 'n Fun is rapidly receding into the rearview mirror as the first major fly-in of the year draws to a close. We hope that you've enjoyed the coverage by our intrepid group of contributors - regular pilots and builders like yourselves, peering into the nooks and crannies of the show for those who couldn't fit it into their schedules, or who couldn't make it past the weather in northern Florida. Continue reading "Leaving Lakeland"

UL Power Inspires Young Minds

The UL Power engine booth displays a specially made engine block on a pedestal with a cutaway that allows the internal components (pistons, crankshaft) to be viewed. A hand crank was attached to the crankshaft in this display to allow rotation and view the parts in motion. The purpose of the display was to enlighten and educate prospective customers on the engine's internal construction. Continue reading "UL Power Inspires Young Minds"

Tail Chase!

I've ben watching these two airplanes chase each other around and around on top of the EAA trailer now for two days - every time the P-51 seems to be gaining, the Canard just turns a little tighter and stays just out of grasp.
Continue reading "Tail Chase!"

Clever New Gascolator

Flyboy Accessories is showing a new fuel filtering device in their booth at Sun 'n Fun - a gascolator/fuel strainer that mounts into the belly of the aircraft and incorporates a streamlined fuel drain and cleanable filter. The filter is accessed by depressing a safety plunger and unscrewing the entire center (using the quick drain fairing as a handle), and pulling it out the bottom of the plane. Continue reading "Clever New Gascolator"

Have a bike? Need a lift?

Murphy Aircraft general manager Tyler Penner next to the Radical with a bike mount.

An innovative mount for carrying a bicycle is available for the new Murphy Radical kitplane. This is a unique under wing design option for Murphy Aircraft's two-seat, STOL bush aircraft. Murphy Aircraft is known for their line of metal skin kit bush planes featuring the Rebel, Elite, Maverick and Moose. Continue reading "Have a bike? Need a lift?"