"Buccaneer One Two Victor, Caution Pink Turbulence..."

Beech Buccaneer

It's always fun to wander around the grounds first thing in the morning at a show like Sun 'n Fun - you just never know what you're going to find. For instance, this Lake Buccaneer tied down as the cornerstone of the Seaplane parking area seems to have attracted a following of like-minded flying waterfowl. While there has to be a story behind this pink display, we'll admit that we have no idea of what that might be - and while we probably could have asked, sometimes it is just fun to make one up... Continue reading ""Buccaneer One Two Victor, Caution Pink Turbulence...""

It's 'da Bom!

Levil BOM
We think we're going to send this home in our checked luggage - not sure we'd like to carry it through security at the big airport.

Levil Aviation has been building this little BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module) for a year now, and we think it is high time that we at Kitplanes should give it a try - so we picked up this little unit at the Levil booth, and are planning to mount it on an airplane the first chance we get - look for a review in the magazine in the near future! Continue reading "It's 'da Bom!"

Last Seen in California...

Sling TSi

When last we saw the Sling TSi four-seat cruiser, it was in the mountains outside Las Angeles, in California. This week, it showed up in Lakeland, Florida, after a 13 hour non-stop flight from those sunny climes to these warm shores. The pilots reported that they cruised all the way to the gulf coast at 17,500', sipping less than 6 gallons per hour. Eventually, they hit weather somewhere just past New Orleans, and descended to stay below the clouds, setting out over the Gulf for some of the way to the west coast of Florida. Continue reading "Last Seen in California..."

Three Seat AirCam - Not an April Fool's Joke!

As reported in a press release last week, AirCam is unveiling their new three-seater at Sun 'n Fun this week, and we got our first look as the show opened on Tuesday morning, and the wraps came off. Sure enough - the airplane is no joke, and now you can fly with two of your best friends in the twin-engine airplane that is known for great visibility and lots of fun. Continue reading "Three Seat AirCam - Not an April Fool's Joke!"

Caracas to Lakeland in a Long-EZ

Long-EZ builder and pilot Rudolfo Lucca.
Long-EZ builder and pilot Rudolfo Lucca.

If you ever begin to take your freedom to fly for granted, you should meet homebuilder and Long-EZ pilot Rudolfo Lucca. Rudy landed his beautiful Long-EZ on runway 9 at Sun 'n Fun on Monday to conclude an epic flight from his home in strife-ridden Caracas, Venezuela.  To make this journey, Rudy had to deal with no electricity or water at his home, almost unobtainable Avgas and a governmental bureaucracy bent on holding travelers hostage for crushing user fees.   But Rudy is a man on a mission. His goal, to fly to Sun' n Fun in the aircraft he constructed in his garage. Continue reading "Caracas to Lakeland in a Long-EZ"