iPad Aviator Folio mini Kneeboard, Mounts from MyGoFlight At Sun-n-Fun

The MyGoFlight Kneeboard C Folio
The MyGoFlight Kneeboard C Folio

MyGoFlight (booth C-049) has introduced the iPad Aviator Folio for the iPad mini. This leather, rotating aviation kneeboard, lapboard, and protective case is designed to be strapped to either leg with the clipboard on the outside. As a lapboard aviators have access the iPad and clipboard both at the same time. The MyGoFlight Aviator mount comes in Jet Mount or Standard Yoke configurations. The mounts attach to windshields, yokes, glare shields and panels and are not required to be permanent, nor do they require tools for installation.

The combination of an Aviator folio and an Aviator mount from MyGoFlight makes the iPad mini into a real inflight tool, according to Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “Our products are cockpit ready and allow pilots to operate their iPad with one hand,” said  Schneider.

Barrett Precision Engines Building Up Superior XP-400 Engines

Barrett Precision Engines is building the XP-400.

Superior Aircraft Parts, supplier of the XP-400 kit engine, announced during Sun 'n Fun 2013 that it has appointed Barrett Precision Engines of Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the first authorized engine build facility for the company's 215-horsepower, XP-400 Engine.

"We helped Superior get the XP-400 back to market," said Rhonda Barrett-Bewley as she showed off the engine on its stand at the Barrett Precision Engines tent (booth NE-037). As is typical with Barrett engines it comes with cold air induction, a counterweighted crankshaft, honed valve guides, new engine clearance limits, custom paint and more. "This engine is available for $37,000," said Barrett-Bewley. Continue reading "Barrett Precision Engines Building Up Superior XP-400 Engines"

Next Generation of DeLorme inReach Satellite Two-way Communicator Launched at Sun 'n Fun

inReach SE introduced at Sun 'n Fun 2013
inReach SE introduced at Sun 'n Fun 2013

The list of updates to the DeLorme inReach SE is long. The lightweight, compact unit is used by aviators, boaters and hardcore hikers for two-way messaging and tracking when out of reach of cell reception. The company introduced its newest product the SE model, at Sun 'n Fun 2013 and is providing demonstrations from its booth in Hangar C (C-005) during the show. Upgrades include a color screen, two-minute adjustable tracking intervals and the ability to pair with both iOS and Android phones and tablets for an easy interface for tw0-way messaging through the company's Earthmate app.

The device operates over the Iridium satellite network and inReach owners get exclusive, unlimited access to DeLorme’s topographic maps and NOAA charts, which can be downloaded via an Internet connection prior to departure and remain available in the Earthmate app even when outside cellular coverage. Continue reading "Next Generation of DeLorme inReach Satellite Two-way Communicator Launched at Sun 'n Fun"

Garmin Updates, Improves iPad App

Garmin Pilot version 5.0 now features data-driven mapping and track up functions.
Garmin Pilot version 5.0 now features data-driven mapping and track up functions.

The number 5.0 may just be the charm for Garmin Pilot. The app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, has finally added "track up" to its diverse and useful abilities. (Track up is currently only available on iOS machines.) Best of all, charting data stays right-side up oriented even in "track up" mode.

Garmin Pilot, at around $10 a month (or $79.99 annually), is not the least expensive app in the moving map genre for iOS and Android devices, but with the version 5.0 upgrade it is becoming one of the more robust. Mapping in the app can now be data driven for rapid scaling in and out (versus graphic, which is a scanned sectional or en route chart image). You can get this with the Jeppesen apps, but it will cost you considerably more.  Something the Jeppesen app does not do: when zooming into an airport, Garmin’s exclusive SafeTaxi airport diagrams (subscription required) now automatically appear directly on the moving map without the need to switch to a dedicated airport diagram page.

Continue reading "Garmin Updates, Improves iPad App"

World Aircraft Company Introduces Vision LSA

World Aircraft Company (WAC) formally introduced its new Vision this spring at Sun and Fun in Florida.

"We designed an airplane called Sentinel for surveillance and law enforcement with a huge cabin, incredible visibility and STOL capability," said WAC President Eric Giles. "We then realized that such an airplane would also be desirable to GA pilots. We now manufacture a civilian version appropriately called Vision.”

Vision is built on the company's Spirit airframe, which debuted at Oshkosh last year. The instrument panel has been reduced in size, and glass runs down the sides of the cabin so pilots can look both forward and down. Doors have been enlarged by 14 inches with full glass, and even more glass was added to the roof panel.  Baggage compartment windows are wrapped around the airframe for more rearward and downward visibility.

The Vision kit is available for $34,495; a painted version is $42,295.

For more information, visit www.worldaircraftco.com or call 731/642-1995.