Grand Rapids HXr Debuts at SNF

Grand Rapids Technologies introduced its 10.4 inch HXr EFIS at the show, which is designed to allow the use of an Android phone or tablet that can function as a second display. A moving map is standard and includes nearest weather frequencies, range and bearing to a fix, etc.

Other features include dedicated serial channels for AHRS communication along with triple serial outputs from AHRS, synthetic approach standard on all models that couples to the autopilot, flight director that combines lateral and vertical steering, demo recording to capture incoming data, XM weather radar, ADS-B weather and traffic, TIS traffic datalink, Strikefinder interface, five or eight serial ports (depending on the model) and one or two USB ports (depending on the model). Continue reading "Grand Rapids HXr Debuts at SNF"

Belite WoW Model

Belite extolled the features of its latest WoW (Wonder of Wonders) Plane (so named because of its paint scheme) at a press conference on Wednesday March 28 at SNF. The plane represents the prototype for a possible ASTM compliant single seater, and the company is flying the airplane under FAR Part 103, which allows operation without a medical. Continue reading "Belite WoW Model"

Dynon to Offer SkyView Training at SNF

Following a successful trial at Sebring, Dynon Avionics will be offering hands-on courses in the operation of its SkyView system at the Sun ’n Fun fly-in, March 27 through April 1, 2012. The classes will last 3.5 hours and will be held in the mornings and afternoons Thursday through Sunday. During the seminars, current and prospective owners of SkyView systems will be working with real units, configuring them for various ground and flight operations. Continue reading "Dynon to Offer SkyView Training at SNF"

Heard Around the Forums at SNF: Establishing and Reestablishing the Limits on an Experimental Aircraft

Joe Norris, EAA Homebuilder Community Manager, spoke about Operating Limitations at Sun 'n Fun 2011.

Every Experimental aircraft comes with a set of specific operating limitations. They are issued by the Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) when the aircraft is certified for flight.

Operating limitations define how you can operate your airplane. In the operating limits it should state what you need to do if you need to make a major change to the airplane (anything that changes the performance or the flight characteristics of the airplane--new engine, new prop, new CG, new flight controls). It should also tell you in the operating limits what you have to do to make the change. If not you have to consult your FSDO for these instructions. Continue reading "Heard Around the Forums at SNF: Establishing and Reestablishing the Limits on an Experimental Aircraft"