Belite Submits Patent for Revolutionary Inline Water Detection System for Fuel Systems

Belite Aircraft's patent pending fuel-sensor chip can detect liquid water in a fuel line before an engine coughs.

Belite Aircraft of Wichita, Kansas, announced the development of a 6 gram digital chip and probe combination sensor designed to detect liquid water in an aircraft fuel system.

Jim Wiebe, president and CEO of Belite Aircraft, introduced the product at Sun n Fun 2011. The circuit chip, with a tiny probe attached, is poised to revolutionize the safety factor of flight by setting off an audio or visual alarm in the cockpit if the presence of liquid water is detected in the fuel system in-line to the cylinders while the engine is operating.

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SNF: Reflections on the Day After

April 1, 2011, dawned clear and cool on the Lakeland Linder Airport, but for a few pilots and vendors, it had probably been a sleepless night, as they wondered what to do next after a series of nasty microbursts destroyed or severely damaged their aircraft the day before.

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Aircraft Spruce Debuts New Pilot Catalog

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty took Sun n Fun as an opportunity to debut its new catalog of products. "The products are a little different from the nuts and bolts items that we stock through our big book," said Desiree Czaplinski, marketing representative for the company. "We created to make it easier for pilots to find those essentials, from flight cases to sunglasses, pilot watches to custom mugs; even personal emergency locator beacons are now in the catalog," she said.

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Zenith Wings for the Word Aircraft Destroyed

In the hot morning sun of Friday, April 1, Zenith Aircraft's Sebastien Heintz surveyed the area around what was supposed to be his display tent at Sun 'n Fun 2011. It was not pretty. The violent storms that swept through Lakeland Linder Airport on March 31st at around noon had decimated his display area and lifted two out of three of the aircraft tied down there off their tiedowns.

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SNF Update: Show to Reopen Friday Despite Storm Damage

The word from Sun n Fun headquarters in Lakeland, Florida, where a severe storm Thursday injured some 15 attendees, and damaged planes and property, is that the show will go on Friday. EAA confirms that it was indeed hit by a tornado, and that seven people were transported to an area hospital. All were released later in the day.

Between 40 and 50 aircraft were also damaged or destroyed, as were several outdoor vendor displays, EAA says. The scheduled appearances of the Blue Angels and the F-22 Raptor did not happen, as the show was closed for the afternoon on Thursday. Both are expected to be on the field and appear in the airshow on Friday.

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