Dakota Cub Shows Off Super 18 Kit Aircraft

The Super 18-LT-EXP kit has big, effective flaps for STOL performance.

The Dakota Cub Aircraft Company displayed its Super 18-LT-EXP kit aircraft, described by Marketing Manager Amy Gensch as her Little Bird.

The Super 18 kit can be built either as an ELSA (1320 pounds maximum gross weight) or as an Experimental category (1600 pounds maximum gross weight), with a useful load of 650 pounds. Engine options include the Continental C-90, the Lycoming O-233 (115 hp) or Continental O-200 (100 hp). Gensch says that it is possible to mount a Lycoming O-320 (150 hp) on the Super 18-LT-EXP  for the Experimental category aircraft. "That would be if you really needed the performance," she said. "Most will find that the performance with the 100 hp engines is perfect, especially the fuel burns." The Super 18-LT-EXP with the 115 hp engine has a range of 300 statute miles with reserves, typically burning 4.5 to 5 gallons per hour. Continue reading "Dakota Cub Shows Off Super 18 Kit Aircraft"

Two Cub Kits Approved by FAA

The Dakota Cub Super 18-160-EXP and Super 18-LT-EXP have been added to the FAA list of approved amateur-built kits, ensuring that the completed aircraft will meet the FAA 51% rule when built as instructed.

The Super 18 is based on the venerable Piper Super Cub and features Dakota Cub renowned slotted wing technology as well as other refinements. Dakota Cub Super 18s feature a majority of FAA-PMAd parts, the same parts used in the construction of the Part 23-certified Super 18-180. Continue reading "Two Cub Kits Approved by FAA"