Kitplanes Flies Cubcrafters EX-3

CubCrafters FX-3

Cubcrafters, the Yakima-based creator of the Carbon Cub and a variety of experimental Cub kits, has recently introduced their beefy -3 model--available as the FX-3 (factory assisted build) or the EX-3 (homebuilt kit).

Featuring an airframe several hundred pounds lighter than a traditional Super Cub, but with 180 or 186 HP and a constant speed prop, this is the high-performance airplane in their line-up, and its Experimental! The EX/FX-3 has an increased gross weight of 2000 lb, which coupled to the low empty weight makes for a tremendous useful load. Continue reading "Kitplanes Flies Cubcrafters EX-3"

American Legend Introduces Super Legend XP

American Legend Aircraft Company announced today the availability of its new Super Legend XP. The enhanced performance version of the company's Legend Cub incorporates a number of new features.

The Super Legend XP (eXtra Performance) is now available as an E-LSA or EAB. Enhancement modifications include square wing tips, extended flaps and ailerons, 40-gallons-usable fuel tanks, and more. Great slow speed characteristics, higher top speed, and greater control authority are the result of the wing modifications. Extra fuel capacity allows for longer roundtrip/backcountry flights without a fuel stop. Continue reading "American Legend Introduces Super Legend XP"

Gordon and Patty Gilchrist’s PA-14EXP

Photo: Kathryn Wainfan
Photo: Kathryn Wainfan

Parked near the Brown Arch on the AirVenture flight line is what at first appears to be a Super Cub on amphibious floats. Walking by, our attention was first caught by the miniature seaplane base in a wading pool displayed in front of the right float of the airplane. Continue reading "Gordon and Patty Gilchrist’s PA-14EXP"

Off-site Action

Javron Super Cub

Not all of the action at AirVenture is at Oshkosh. A number of small groups hold activities at other airports and commute back and forth between those sites at AirVenture. We spotted Larry Vetterman and his new Javron Super Cub at New Holstein on the east side of Lake Winnebago.

Continue reading "Off-site Action"

Rusk Experimental Javron SuperCub

Rusk SuperCub

The genesis for the airplane was in June of 2011. The airplane first flew in May 2015. Actual building time was about 3-1/2 years. This is my second experimental SuperCub. The kit was produced by Javron in Brainerd, MN. It has a full compliment of "Alaska Mods" to meet its primary mission of travel, exploration, and wilderness camping up North. Continue reading "Rusk Experimental Javron SuperCub"

Backcountry Super Cubs added to FAA Eligible List

The FAA national kit evaluation team was in Douglas, Wyoming, during the first week of December 2010 to evaluate four different aircraft kits produced by Backcountry Super Cubs, LLC. The company had each of the kits it currently offers, the Super Cub Replica, Super Cruiser, Mackey SQ2 and the Mackey SQ4 evaluated. The Aviation Safety Inspectors determined that all four kits meet the major portion requirement of Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations Part 21, Certification Procedures for Products, Articles and Parts, § 21.191(g). The kits were officially added to the FAA’s listing of Amateur-Built aircraft that comply with the 51% rule on December 30. Continue reading "Backcountry Super Cubs added to FAA Eligible List"