$24,900 Diesel Announced by Superior, Legend Cub

Bosch fuel injection is used on the new Superior Gemini diesel. What look like cam covers are actually crankshaft covers in this opposed-cylinder engine.
Bosch fuel injection is used on the new Superior Gemini diesel. What look like cam covers are actually crankshaft covers in this opposed-cylinder engine.

General aviation engines too stagnant for you? Superior Air Parts has an affordable cure coming in their just announced Gemini diesel at $24,900. First application is on the Super Legend Cub as we learned in a joint announcement from Superior and Legend Cub this morning at AirVenture.

No clone this, the new Gemini - it is a water cooled, two-crankshaft, opposed piston 3-cylinder 2-stroke. That means three cylinder bores, each with two pistons reciprocating towards each other. The dual crankshafts live at the outer ends of the engine where the valves and rocker arms normally found in typical horizontally-opposed aircraft engines. Continue reading "$24,900 Diesel Announced by Superior, Legend Cub"

Superior Engines Announces 100 HP Diesel Program

Superior Gemini Diesel engine
Superior Gemini Diesel engine

This morning at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-in, Superior engines announced their new diesel engine program, starting with a 100 HP three-cylinder (six piston) engine targeted at the LSA market. The Gemini Diesel is now running on test stands in the UK and at Superior's headquarters near Dallas and runs on diesel fuel or Jet A. The dual-crankshaft engine is a unique layout for the traditional aircraft engine market, but they are confident that the technology will be a viable replacement for the similar-sized Rotax 912, offering better specific fuel consumption and increased range on the same amount of fuel. Continue reading "Superior Engines Announces 100 HP Diesel Program"

AeroSport Power Introduces new 200 PLUS-Horsepower, 382-WILDCAT Engine

WILDCAT Engines logoAero Sport Power will be the exclusive global assembler and distributor of the 382-WILDCAT Engine for the experimental aircraft and helicopter markets.

Kamloops, BC, (April 9, 2015) - Rob Wharf, Owner/President and Todd Collins, Owner/CEO/CFO of Aero Sport Power Ltd., are excited to introduce the new 200 PLUS-horsepower, 382-WILDCAT Engine.

"Delivering over 200-horsepower on the dyno, the new 382-WILDCAT engine fills a much needed gap in this segment of the homebuilt engine market,” Wharf said. “It’s what builders have been asking for and now we’re very excited to introduce this exceptional new engine to our global customer base."

Collins explained that the 382-WILDCAT engine brings a number of advancements to this segment of the market. In particular, he said that Aero Sport Power has partnered with Superior Air Part’s engineering team to fine-tuned the 382-WILDCAT’s bore and stroke to optimize the engine’s performance across the entire power range.

Scott Hayes, V.P. Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc. explained. “The 382 also has a new damped counter-weighted crankshaft that enables builders to optimize the engine’s performance when using a lighter-weight propeller. That means they get the benefits of greater performance, while having the same overall weight and balance location of a less powerful engine.”

In addition to the new damped crankshaft, the 382-WILDCAT, offers builders a number of other design and manufacturing benefits including a number of Superior’s XP-Engine components:

  • Superior’s Balanced Oil Crankcase for better overall lubrication of the camshaft and crankshaft
  • Superior’s Proprietary Electro Slag Remelt (ESR) Crankshaft – stronger base metal means a stronger crankshaft
  • Superior’s High-Flow Sump delivers more air to all four cylinders
  • Superior’s Millennium Cylindersâ, delivering advanced cylinder design and performance
  • Superior’s Computer Optimized Camshafts enable smoother engine operation and lower valve-train loads
  • Superior’s Thrust Surface Pressure Lubrication means all thrust surfaces receive consistent oil flow for reduced friction and wear
  • Superior’s Precision Machined Connecting Rods enable more consistent weight and balance of critical components.

“Aero Sport Power has been a pioneer of the “stroker engine” technology for years and have built hundreds of these types of engines,” Collins said. “Our engine builders also have more combined experience with the stroker-type engine than any other engine shop.”

“By the way it sounds you can tell that the Aero Sport Power 382-WILDCAT is a new breed of engine,” Wharf said. “We’ve built three 382-WILDCATs for customers so far, and they have purred during their test runs.”


Aero Sport Power 382-WILDCAT Engine Specifications:

  • Displacement: 382 cubic inches
  • Max Continuous Brake Horsepower: 200 hp (149 kw) standard on 100LL Avgas
  • Compression Ratio: 8.9:1
  • Ignition: Dual impulse magnetos standard
  • Engine Mount Type: Type 1 or 2 Dynafocal or Conical
  • Propeller Type: Fixed Pitch or Constant Speed
  • Dry Weight: 302 pounds (137 kilograms)
  • Fuel type: 100 LL Avgas

Engine Dimensions:

  • IO-382: 24.0” H x 33.5” W x 32.8” D
  • 60.96 cm H x 85.09 cm W x 83.31 cm D

382-WILDCAT: A new breed of experimental engine.

“We also felt that the announcement of the new 382-WILDCAT would be the ideal time to unveil Aero Sport Power’s new branding efforts for our family of unique engines for the homebuilt aircraft and helicopter markets,” Collins said. “The 382-WILDCAT is just the first of a growing line of high-quality performance engines for the kit-built aircraft and helicopter markets.”

Wharf explained that Aero Sport Power will have a 382-WILDCAT on display at both Sun N’ Fun and Oshkosh 2015. Aero Sport Power is taking 382-WILDCAT engine orders now.  Call our Aero Sport Power Sales Team at 877-376-0861 to learn more.


About the Aero Sport Power Ltd.
Based in Kamloops, British Columbia, Aero Sport Power provides customized high performance experimental aircraft engines.  Started over 17 years ago by the founders of the Progressive Air Group of Companies, the company has built over 2000 engines since its inception in 1997 and strives to provide the best service experience for its broad array of clients across North America and the world. For more information, visit: www.aerosportpower.com,


About Superior Air Parts, Inc.

Superior Air Parts, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Superior Aviation Group, is a leading manufacturer of FAA approved aftermarket replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. In addition, the company manufactures the FAA certified Vantage Engine and the XP-Series Engine family for experimental and sport aircraft builders. For more information, visit: www.superiorairparts.com

Superior XP360 Engine new factory option on Safari 400 helicopter kit

SUPERIOR XP-360 ENGINECoppell, TX, November 04, 2014 — Scott Hayes, V.P. Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that Safari Helicopters has selected its 180-horsepower XP-360 Engine as an option for its Safari 400, two-place, kit helicopter.

“Safari has become the premier name in the kit-built, personal helicopter market and to have them to make our XP-360 Engine a factory option for the Safari 400 is a point of great pride for everyone at Superior,” Hayes stated. “We look forward to our XP-360 Engines providing Safari builders around the world with years of pure flying enjoyment.”

“Safari Helicopters have always been powered by very dependable aircraft engines. In fact, a number of our builders have opted to use the Superior engines for a long time,” stated Megan Wright, Sales and Marketing Manager, Safari Helicopter. “Now with Superior’s strong re-entry into the experimental engine market they are now providing us with an attractive and economical 180-horsepower engine option for the Safari 400’s complete build kit.”

“With the proven history, power and reliability to compete with other available engines, combined with the added benefits of aggressive pricing and excellent customer support, we are extremely pleased to offer Superior’s engines to our customers,” she said.

Barrett Precision Engines Building Up Superior XP-400 Engines

Barrett Precision Engines is building the XP-400.

Superior Aircraft Parts, supplier of the XP-400 kit engine, announced during Sun 'n Fun 2013 that it has appointed Barrett Precision Engines of Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the first authorized engine build facility for the company's 215-horsepower, XP-400 Engine.

"We helped Superior get the XP-400 back to market," said Rhonda Barrett-Bewley as she showed off the engine on its stand at the Barrett Precision Engines tent (booth NE-037). As is typical with Barrett engines it comes with cold air induction, a counterweighted crankshaft, honed valve guides, new engine clearance limits, custom paint and more. "This engine is available for $37,000," said Barrett-Bewley. Continue reading "Barrett Precision Engines Building Up Superior XP-400 Engines"