Barrett Precision Engines Building Up Superior XP-400 Engines

Barrett Precision Engines is building the XP-400.

Superior Aircraft Parts, supplier of the XP-400 kit engine, announced during Sun 'n Fun 2013 that it has appointed Barrett Precision Engines of Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the first authorized engine build facility for the company's 215-horsepower, XP-400 Engine.

"We helped Superior get the XP-400 back to market," said Rhonda Barrett-Bewley as she showed off the engine on its stand at the Barrett Precision Engines tent (booth NE-037). As is typical with Barrett engines it comes with cold air induction, a counterweighted crankshaft, honed valve guides, new engine clearance limits, custom paint and more. "This engine is available for $37,000," said Barrett-Bewley. Continue reading "Barrett Precision Engines Building Up Superior XP-400 Engines"

Superior Air Parts brings back XP-Engine Build School

xp-360Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that the company is again offering its popular XP-Engine Build School at its Coppell, Texas headquarters. This program was available before Superior's reorganization, and was well attended by homebuilders wanting to have a hand in assembling their own engine.Glen Golden, of Superior elaborated.

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Superior Air Parts Is Offering Parts Discounts, Delivering Engines

Superior Air Parts held a press conference at EAA AirVenture this morning to announce that it has reduced prices on certain components, but much of the conference was devoted to the new Chinese ownership of the company and the implications for the business going forward.

Superior Air Parts CEO Tim Archer read a statement from the new chairman of Superior Aviation Beijing, and said he found only positives in the new ownership arrangement. When asked why Western investors failed to step up to acquire companies like Superior from bankruptcy, he was at a loss to explain it.

Superior is back to delivering product, though not at the level he’d like to see, Archer said. Part of this is is getting suppliers back on board as the the company has strived to work out better deals with suppliers to increase efficiencies. “We have had some small successes,” Archer said, “allowing us to roll back prices on selected parts. We pass these savings on to the customer when we can.” Price reductions apply to some of the Millennium cylinder assemblies, valve seats and gasket sets. Continue reading "Superior Air Parts Is Offering Parts Discounts, Delivering Engines"

Superior XP Engines Ready to Ship

Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced on May 23 that it has started shipping its Experimental XP Series engines to authorized dealers.

The resumption of engine shipments may not seem like news, but it is a very big step for our efforts to get our business back to where it was four years ago, said Tim Archer, president and CEO. "From a business perspective, the big picture is that we now have all of the various components and piece parts in stock to not only assemble a complete engine, but also to be able to support the needs of homebuilders and engine shops," he added. Continue reading "Superior XP Engines Ready to Ship"

Superior Adds to Availability of Millennium Cylinders

Superior's parallel-valve Lycoming cylinder.

Cylinder assemblies for the Lycoming 360/540 series and Continental 520 series are now being shipped by Superior Air Parts. This marks the "next phase of product reintroduction," according to the company.

"This is very exciting for everyone who has been involved with bringing the popular family of Millennium Cylinders back into production," says Timothy T. Archer, CEO, Superior Air Parts. “Everywhere I’ve gone, the first question everyone has asked has been when would the Millenniums be available? Well, I can very happily say they’re available at your Superior dealer today.”

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