Tail Wheel Time

In no way do I consider myself a tail wheel snob, but for some reason, all of the airplanes in my hangar (including the two projects) have the little wheel in back. I guess I am truly old enough to remember when "conventional gear" meant that the airplane had a tail wheel, but I have several thousands of hours in trikes as well, so I am pretty balanced. I guess the one advantage with tail wheels is that the parts and maintenance for tail wheels seem to be a little less expensive than when you have a big wheel and strut up front. But then again, hanging back there in the oily exhaust stream and exposed to the dirt and grime of being close to the ground, the tail wheel componentry seems to need attention just a little more often.

RV Tailwheel

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Full Swivel!

With just one more hour to go before our RV-3 reaches 500 on the clock, her Silver Bullet tailwheel steering arm decided it had seen one too many cracks in the various taxiways we had visited.



Well actually, it wasn't the Silver Bullet that failed - it was the Heim bearing that screws into the Bullet that fractured. This left me with no tailwheel steering, and from the cockpit, this manifested itself as not being able to get the tailwheel to lock in to the rudder - effectively, it felt like a full-swivel tailwheel. When I got out to have look, the steering arm was all the way up against the tailwheel spring on the left side - I think this is why I had a full swivel instead of one that was locked in place. Continue reading "Full Swivel!"

New Back Country Tires from Desser

image004image003Desser Tire & Rubber Company has just introduced its new line of ultimate backcountry Tundra tires. The first iteration in a series of new tire releases is the Aero Classic LSA/Experimental 8.50-6 4 ply rating smooth tire.

This tire has essentially the same dimensions as the TSO 850-6 tires that are in use currently, but is rated at 4 ply, instead of 6, and has a smooth tread profile, which is designed not to pick up pebbles and rocks, and damage the skin of the aircraft, and is highly deflected to absorb larger river rocks and gravel. This new tire incorporates a tube, and will be one of the lightest size tires in its class, and has a high speed rating of 120 mph.

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