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Bob Newman, owner of TCW Technologies
Bob Newman, owner of TCW Technologies

Many of us have been using TCW products on our amateur-built aircraft for many years, especially the safety trim and backup batteries. They have reliably produced an added level of safety. In speaking with Bob Newman today, the owner of TCW, he shared with me that the company has just filed for TSO APPROVAL for the use of the backup batteries in certified aircraft. That seems like pretty good timing to me, given all of the announcements from Dynon and the EAA regarding STC approval for EFISs in certified aircraft.  Continue reading "News From TCW"

Easy Heater Box Control

Our Dream Tundra project is a good example of how it is hard to think of everything when designing a firewall layout with a blank slate. The design and kit are excellent overall, but - as is typical of many homebuilt aircraft - there is little information on what to do in the engine compartment. This is primarily because homebuilders have many different ideas of what is going to go on the front end, and every single one is probably going to be a little different. Continue reading "Easy Heater Box Control"

TCW Servo Kit for Heat Valves, Dampers

TCW Technologies has introduced a control valve servo kit, which includes a small linear actuator, a panel-mounted controller and a pre-made wiring harness. The CVS kit can be used in homebuilt aircraft to control dampers and valves for heat and ventilation. The system replaces traditional mechanical push-pull cables and eliminates the routing and locating issues associated with mechanical cables. The linear actuator weighs only 1.2 ounces and produces more than 2.5 pounds of force. Additionally, 3-inch- and 4-inch-diameter butterfly valves are available for controlling the airflow through oil coilers. The CVS kit sells for $175 and the butterfly valves are $65 each.

For more information, visit, or call 610/928-3420.

TCW Brings Two New Products to AirVenture

TCW Technologies new Intelligent Power Stabilizer for 24v systems

TCW Technologies is known for being the company with the products that can save the expensive avionics in your homebuilt in the case of a crippling power surge, sag or complete loss of electricity. The company introduced two new products at AirVenture, a 24-volt Intelligent Power System (IPS-24V-5A) and a revision of the signature integrated battery backup system (IBBS-12V-@AH).

The 24-volt IPS fills out the company line and helps customers who are running with the higher-power radios in their panels. The IBBS is actually a smaller system than its sibling in the product line, at 2 amp-hour, and is well-matched for single instrument systems and very light aircraft (it weighs only 1.5 pounds). It can also serve as an independent power source for four-cylinder electronic ignition modules.

For more information and pricing on the IPS or IBBS, visit

TCW Technologies Introduces IBBS Charger

TCW Technologies debuted its IBBS-Intelligent Backup Battery System-last year to the sound of thanks and praise by builders wanting to outfit their EFISes with external backup power. The system is a remote-mount box with a battery and sophisticated charging and power-switching circuitry, allowing for automatic backup of flight-critical electrical items. Continue reading "TCW Technologies Introduces IBBS Charger"

TCW Technologies Integrated Back-up Battery Now Available

The IBBS from TCW Technologies weighs just 2.5 pounds.

We've tested it at KITPLANES (see Marc Cook's story in the May issue), so we know it works. But now we can say that you, too, can purchase and get immediate delivery on TCW Technologies' Integrated Back-up Battery System (IBBS). For $375 you get a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack, battery charger and automatic back-up power switching hardware that is a simple fix, installation-wise, for either a new or retrofit instrument panel. The integrated system weighs just 2.5 pounds, putting it at less than half the weight of a similar-sized lead-acid battery, and can provide 4 amperes at 12 volts for just under an hour, according to Bob Newman, Jr., co-founder of TCW. Newman has been in on the design of some other TCW safety-oriented products including Safety-Trim, Intelligent Flap-Controller and Intelligent Power Stabilizer. Continue reading "TCW Technologies Integrated Back-up Battery Now Available"