Last Seen in California...

Sling TSi

When last we saw the Sling TSi four-seat cruiser, it was in the mountains outside Las Angeles, in California. This week, it showed up in Lakeland, Florida, after a 13 hour non-stop flight from those sunny climes to these warm shores. The pilots reported that they cruised all the way to the gulf coast at 17,500', sipping less than 6 gallons per hour. Eventually, they hit weather somewhere just past New Orleans, and descended to stay below the clouds, setting out over the Gulf for some of the way to the west coast of Florida. Continue reading "Last Seen in California..."

Sling 2 LSA Debuts

The Airplane Factory of South Africa displayed its two-place kit Sling LSA at AirVenture. This is a metal-construction aircraft, with power from a 100-hp Rotax 912ULS engine. Some may recall the Sling from a round-the-world-in-40-days flight the company owners took in it in 2009. The kit version is the same as the SLSA version, with completely harmonized controls and 800+ n.m. range. It can be certified as an ELSA or Experimental/Amateur-Built depending on owner preference. Each kit comes with a full set of instructions and builder’s log. Continue reading "Sling 2 LSA Debuts"